Building Blocks: Junk Reanimator in Theros Block

Before going on indefinite hiatus from MTGO Academy, Lee takes a Junk Reanimator deck into a Theros Block Constructed Daily Event.

Lee McLeod
@leemcleo on Twitter
Gard on MTGO

  1. Sorry to hear about the hiatus. I enjoy your content very much. This deck, however, is not my personal playstyle (I have nothing against the deck in theory, I just can’t play decks like this well). I’ve been having decent success against it with the U/G prophet deck updated w/BNG cards. That’s still my favorite deck of this block so far.

  2. I’ve found if you drop to 2 whips and add in 4 obzedats aid you can get incredible results. I also run 4x grisly salvage and only 2 commune. The goal is to use these and way finder to hit all the right land drops by turn 3 and 4. Side boarding to beat esper and mono black are both simple but usually lose or barely win game 1 to esper. Super aggro strategies can be a problem but a resolved whip usually fixed that in addition to rw burn. If you make it to turn 5 on any of those they end up conceding as soon as they see the rider and overlord.

  3. The Monoblack Aggro decks that run Tormented hero and Mogis Maruaders don’t tend to run the Gray Merchants.