Building Blocks: Mono-White Devotion in Theros Block Constructed

Lee McLeod
@leemcleo on Twitter
Gard on MTGO

  1. I’m sure you’ll address this in the video, but surely chosen by heliod is good in this deck.

    I mean the leonin looks like it might serve a very similar purpose, letting a small creature get through situationally. But chosen by heliod is a cantrip heroic enabler, that’s got to be good right?

  2. 1. round is the prove that nythkos is NOT an auto-include in every monocolored deck. Back to basic.

  3. Nykthos is FINE in this deck, but the issue with white is, if you have enough dorks on board to legitimately use it, you have probably already won the game. It has a narrow purpose, and I wouldn’t run more than two.

    Ordeal of Heliod is bonkers in almost every aggressive deck…. hell, if you can trigger it, almost any deck. The 10 life creates such an issue for control decks because it gives you that much more gas.

    Also, at the very least you should be running the +2+2 for two creatures card(name escapes me atm). Two fabled heroes, one of those, 20 damage. It’s the best uncommon in white by far when it comes to limited which should at least let it see some play here.

  4. In the third round G3 where you tapped down the scorpion so you could gods willing whatever the dragon blocked why didnt you just tap down the dragon and gods willing whatever the scorpion blocked killing the scorpion without its death touch mattering? Granted you won anyway so its not a big deal just seems way safer that way.

  5. This deck doesn’t seem great. It makes sense to try it out in block, since heroic is so broken in draft. Maybe the red equivalent would be better. Good one drops, a better Ordeal, maybe Ember Swallower to have something to dumb Nythkos mana into.

  6. Main board Gods Willing is important, but I think Chosen by Heliod is really strong, particularly in getting around anger of the gods since that card seems to be a blowout against the deck. If you keep the shrines in, Celestial Archon should be considered, since bestowing that on any creature would probably end the game.

  7. @Junx

    I don’t have an account on this site, so I don’t know how to properly reply to you, but that Big red dragon thing has “protection from white.”