Building Blocks: MTGO Cube Draft

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  1. Do not play cube. It should be boycotted due to its awfuö prize structure. what is this?

  2. Thank you for playing and recording Cube! Always nice to see some of the strategies possible before heading in myself. I had a good run of many 2-1′s in the Swiss this time around and even managed to win one outright. I play for the fun, kezz, not the prize structure!

    I ended up with green ramp most of my plays and have had more fun with that (when it works) than anything else. Just not savvy enough to play storm or any of the blue control strategies. The most controlling I got this time around was playing Winter Orb when I had many non-land mana sources – fun time for me, probably not so much for my opponents!

    Serious question though, kezz, in the upcoming pre-release and release events of Magic 2014, which events have the best prize structures (in your humble opinion, of course) that we should be playing?

  3. I’m sure that, as a professional MTGO grinder, @kezzerdrix is justified in disliking the cube payout, but for the rest of us noobs that play and watch MTGO for fun thanks for doing a cube video! I love the cube videos, but usually they don’t come out until after the cube is down, at which point I just end up being sad that I can play the cubes that I’m watching. Thanks for getting this one up so quickly!

  4. With pack prices this low, you should not play release queues. They have turned from profitable to a joke with new redemption fees. And dont even get me started on “prerelease” queues, they are sanctioned robbery.

  5. From time to time, it is permissible to play magic as a form of enjoyment without the secondary motive of making a profit.

  6. It seems to me that welder, smokestack, precursor and crucible makes a pretty sweet spot to be in. Crucible makes pitching your land no biggie especially if you don’t have a land in hand, and the welder allows any of those to reset.

  7. Match two was odd. I dont really understand why you played as you did. Opponent go for the throats your mountain, just sack the genju to gargadon and it stops being a creature and counters Go for the throat. Also playing vortex on a losing clock is not worth it unless you sac it before your turn to play gargadon. My line of play wouldve been: play land and genju (not attacking) and searing blaze his finks. On his turn after triggers sac the vortex. Own turn play ajani (this time killing his ajani, othwerwise activate to kill finks). You can then proceed to sac genju and defend with gargadon. Hopefully he forgets and attacks into it. You can then play out most cards and start activating scroll to kill off whatever he plays. Siding in the black/red lands and blightning instead of magus of the moon also seems reasonable.

  8. Guys kezzerdrix is a troll that posts the same thing every time a cube draft is posted. Don’t feed the troll, keep posting the awesome cube drafts! :D

  9. w.r.t. p1p1:

    Is karakas a thing? If so, progenitus has protection from it.

  10. You know what’s better than the Goblin AND the Figure of Destiny? The Aether Vial. I assume you didn’t see it?

  11. @Mymmy
    You can only sac articfacts, creatures or lands to Gargadon – you can’t sac Genju or Vortex. I agree playing the vortex on a losing clock probably wasn’t best though, especially given you have Gargadon, which makes dragging it out beneficial.