Classically Untrained Podcast, Episode 1: Winter 2013 Invitational Prep

Welcome to the Classically Untrained podcast, where A.J. Goldman (PlanetWalls) and Chris Kuehl (ChrisKool) take on the Classic format from an alternative perspective. Our first episode features Unlocking the Vault author and organizer of the Classic League PRE Scott Bradley (enderfall) as a guest.

You can click here to download the podcast as a .mp3 file.

Or, you can click here to watch the podcast on Youtube (with images corresponding to cards discussed).

Today, topics discussed, include (in order):

  • Classic League Last Chance Qualifier
  • Change in schedule of Classic Daily Events
  • Discussion of Classic-relevant Commander 2013 cards
  • Discussion of Dec. 20th release of Commander 2013 online, with Classic League Invitational the next day.
  • A recurring feature, PlanetWalls’ “Playable” Picks for Classic Constructed
  1. Glad I could help you guys out to kick off the podcast! Just listened to it and… my goodness, I need to stop rambling! Next time I promise to be a little more succinct.

  2. Hey, I really enjoyed the podcast. My thoughts:

    C2013: You pretty much hit the nail on the head. However, one card that has seen some fringe Vintage play that you didn’t mention is Ophiomancer, who is basically a 2B 2/2, infini-deathtouch token generator that has seen a little bit of play in Tribal Humans decks.

    Landstill: I agree it could be well-positioned but the Affinity matchup seems ridiculously awful, which is why I think you don’t see more of it. I don’t really think Nemesis would address that weakness, either, although as you say it fits well with the rest of the deck in general.

    Playables: I think Shapesharer is probably the best, although the Island Sanctuary plan sounds interesting. I thought this segment was pretty hilarious.

    Good work, guys. Look forward to the next episode!

  3. finally got a chance to listen and a great starting episode some pretty funny lines from Chris

    think the DE comments were spot on re: its similarity to Legacy and find that a lot of what I heard from you guys were some what similar to concerns from Pauper players except you guys actually got DEs