Common Denominator: “Green/White Aggro”

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  1. A purely technical point, but Armadillo Cloak does not use the lifelink keyword either (evidently wizards wanted to preserve the option of cloaking your enemy’s fattie!), so even if morning thrull had lifelink, it would still give you 6 life when cloaked (15 when double cloaked).

  2. Yep i’m aware of that and that’s why putting two cloaks on a single critter can get pretty insane.

  3. The deck seems very strong against the meta. Few comments:

    I don’t think prismatic strands is adequate vs. storm, but your colours may not have better hate.

    Mourning Thrull seems extremely weak. I’m sure you can find a better card in its slot.

  4. I apoligize if i didnt say it in the video this is one of My casual fun decks that has competitive roots swap a few cards around however and you got a deck that can really post up some nice results. And yes Strands isnt the solve all to storm but really its pretty much that and holy light in green/white

  5. You had 3 mana up when you cast the outlander, that is why he didn’t mana leak it.

    People in the casual room often only seem interested in playing if their decks are “working” regardless of whether a game is out of reach or not, but two have people concede two perfectly winnable games in a row while you are recording is a real bummer.

  6. Too bad you got two concessions and at least one pretty weak opponent, but it was a fun video to watch regardless.

    Next time I would personally prefer to see matches in the tournament practice room though, as there is less of a chance you face the weak decks and also because the opponents are more likely to fight for their chances instead of conceding when they still have a shot.

    Maybe matches instead of single games, too.

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