Dime a Dozen #108: Drake Didn’t Die

It appears that the scourge of Classic Pauper has not been banned after all…so Jason is going to play it! Will he conquer with combos in the 2-Man Queues?


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  1. dan – This is a quote from a comment I made on PureMTGO regarding Flicker:

    “I’d say no for a few reasons. If you ban Ghostly Flikcer, you must also ban Displace. Flicker is a pet card that some players really enjoy (myself included), and it fits into other strategies in a role similar to Momentary Blink. Peregrine Drake only enables one kind of strategy (infinite mana combo as early as the turn you play it), and has been used for that singular purpose. The same cannot be said for Flicker, which has several (more honest) applications. There is a precedent for banning cards that untap lands (this has been done multiple times in Pauper), and there isn’t one for banning bounce effects. Just my two cents. Good question!”

  2. Hi Jason, always a pleasure to watch your games. When I play this type of deck, I ended up using 4 archaeomancer instead of 2/3. With time I started to think mancer is a lot stronger Than it looks at first glance. I am not sure drake should be banned. It is strong and oppressive but it is no cloud of faeries combo. Drake decks usually combo off turn 5 later, cloud decks could combo turn 3 easily. Since drake decks are slower, they can’t dedicate 100% to the combo. Actually, if you analize your games, most of the time you combo out for the win, you had such a strong position that victory even without drake was just a matter of time. I think the most problematic cards right now are mulldrifters, mancers and flicker. Those cards lead to something no other color can do: insane amount of card draw, graveyard recursion and versatility. I don’t think those cards should be banned tho. Ideally, other colors should get tools to deal with it.

  3. uspdudes – Interesting perspective my friend. I’ll have to think about that a bit! You’re right that my combos usually hit after I assumed control in the game. How much is that a factor of me only playing 2x of each combo piece?