Dime a Dozen #117: With a Rebel Spell

Find yourself looking for a Pauper deck to play in the midnight hour? Look no further than Counter Rebels as Jason takes Amrou Scouts and Aven Riftwatchers to the 2-Man testing grounds!


You can find Jason
on MTGO as BambooRush
and on Twitter @dimecollectorsc.

  1. I saw the deck name on your mtgo pauper list last video and was wondering if it was just a silly brew or something you might show. Glad to see it’s both ;)… Had the Type 2 version of almost this exact deck, I’m sure you did as well. Of course, we didn’t have a tutorable Pacifism back then and had to rely Defiant Vanguard for creature control. Know what we did have? Absorb. Also I know it wasn’t really in question but can Mulldrifter’s claim as the best creature in the format even be disputed anymore?

    I’ve been crushing with a mono red Tron list. And when I say crushing I mean I’ve won a few games with it. But it’s got a good removal suite and Ruin Processor/Relic plus maindeck Electrickery have been stealing games. They never expect the game 1 Electrickery! Plus Beetleback Nalar/Rebirth is sometimes too much for the aggro decks to slog through before I can take over.

    That deck got me brewing a similar mono black Tron list with a full set of Star/Sphere/Map/Prism and a few Relics plus a bunch of cheap removal like Disfigure/Slip/Edict that finishes with Anglers/Bleak Covens/Processors/Crushers.

    I’ve only been playing in the casual rooms but have faced quite a few known decks and seem to do well against aggro lists like red deck wins and stompy. As long as I can keep Rancor off the table with a removal spell that is. Control can be tough because I’m really just looking to resolve one or two key spells but I find more often than not a control player will expend any and all resources to keep Tron off the table, allowing me to resolve a threat after a few turns.

    As always, thanks for the content and keep the sweet brews coming!!!

  2. Vanilla Villain – I should probably take a look at those Type 2 lists!

    NO ONE expects the G1 Electrickery! Haha, but Mono Red Tron does sound compelling ^^

    Any preference between the Mono Red and Mono Black so far?

    Thanks as always.

  3. Check them out! This was when Type 2 was under the old legendary rule so whoever got Lin Sivvi out first ALWAYS won. There was no good removal to get her off the table, only Rout/Wrath of God. I vividly remember catching more than one player at FNM running 5 Lin Sivvi!

    Only played a half dozen matches with each deck, Black Tron has better finishers though. Angler is a heck of a card. Without a doubt the best black creature in the format, possibly the best black card period. Red Tron was having trouble with Edicts since it’s just a few Processors/Crushers I’m relying on but after adding Piaback Chief it hasn’t been an issue. It also has trouble keeping up on cards against blue based control decks. Black Tron has a couple copies each of Night’s Whisper/Read the Bones/Fortuitous Find to help there, plus extra life gain with Bleak Coven Vampires for the aggro decks.

    I killed 7 elf tokens from Huntmaster, 2 x Elvish Mystic, 2 x Visionary, a Ranger and a Wellwisher with a Game 1 Electrickery the other day. Still lost though :(