Dime a Dozen #12: The Real Post Blues

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  1. All video-style “articles” leave a lot to be desired for me personally. They are, by nature, a much quicker endeavor – thus less thought-out and structured.

  2. Or, you can deal with it, and just hover your mouse over the words. It does pop up a card image to the right… don’t be so mean

  3. Anthony – Thanks for checking them out. Happy holidays to you!

    deluxeicoff – You’re more than welcome to suggest article topics if there’s something you want to see. Otherwise, please don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  4. Although curse of chains is the least conditional removal in blue (as good in some ways as pacifism overall) I don’t like it when you run bounce as your primary plan. It’s not great with echoing truth (almost all aggro decks are playing 4 copies of each of the creatures that they’re playing so echoing truth become a card just to be used on your serrated arrows) but is especially bad with curfew and you’d normally want to bring those same cards in at least some matchups.

    As a substitute you can go with a powerful blocker that an aggro deck will have trouble with – coast watcher for stompy and infect, weatherseed faeries or oraxid (2/3 pro red for 3U) for red decks, and calcite snapper as a generic guy (1/4 shroud for 1UU, can flip p/t when you get landfall).

    One last thing – I know you went with archeomancers so they could put on some pressure. How do you feel about them versus mnemonic walls now that you’ve played the deck? I found that the deck was so blue hungry that the extra colorless mana was a small price to pay for a better blocker and less U.

  5. newplan – Great observations! I’ve found Echoing Truth to be problematic with Curse of Chains also. I still like Archaeomancer (though I’m probably the only one left at this point). In these games, I was able to wait that extra turn if I didn’t have enough U open for me to hold up counters and bounce etc. I can’t fault anyone for playing Mnemonic Wall, however.

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