Dime a Dozen #51: Goblin-Level IQ

Sometimes a player’s intelligence is mirrored by their deck choice. Today Jason shows you how to prevail in Pauper 2-Man Queues while sporting the brain capacity of a goblin!

  1. Match 1 G1 you lagged both times… you clicked initially, when it didn’t respond immediately you clicked again. And of course, since V4 is programmed so well, it processed those second clicks as soon as it was able to, which led to your unintentional mulligan and failure to find.

  2. Love the Goblins! Keep it up. I’m just starting out in Pauper and playing Goblins myself. These games give me a lot of good information to study.

  3. I’m running almost the same deck in my paper pauper deck, 4 Sparksmith main deck instead of the singleton Death Spark.

  4. So, is this title a shot at MikeyK? I do like his use of fireblast and chain lightnings main for some critical reach.