Dime a Dozen #79: Teachings is Fundamenal

Jason’s back with his Pauper Dimir Teachings deck! Will the 2-Man Queues be able to withstand his relentless Mulldrifter beatdown plan?!


  1. I feel like it was very incorrect to Crypt Incursion before casting the Justice.

    Scenario 1: Opponent has no interactive spells. Incursion after is clearly better.
    Scenario 2: Opponent has one interactive spell and you do not draw an untapped land. Crypt before is better.
    Scenario 3: Opponent has one interactive spell and you draw an untapped land. Crypt after is better.
    Scenario 4: Opponent has 2 interactive spells: wash.

    What do we know about our opponents hand? It is reasonable that the opponent did not have two interactive spells, or they have two Non-Vines non-Ground Swell cards. We can deduce this because the attack brings us to 3. If the opponent pumps the 1/1 with either a kicked Vines or a Ground swell and we have a sport removal spell they can play the other with only dispel to worry about. Our opponent can deduce that we do not have access to a removal spell, or at the very least we could have only drew it this turn. The only spells that would be worth not playing in that spot are rancor and hunger. Any 4 power pump spell wins the game and is worth testing our draw step.

    It is super reasonable that our opponent has a creature or rancor. After attacking us down to 3 there is virtual no reason to deploy another threat that turn.

    Being tapped at 3 in an open board with 0 removal spells against a green deck is not the same as being at 19 with no removal spells.

    If you had one of the 2 removal spells that were revealed off preordain I would support your line of play 100% as it plays around our opponent being risk adverse, but with the hand you had I am almost certain that it is a very big risk to fire off the CI as a healing salve.

    As always, love your content.

    -John (Uhen on MTGO)