Dime a Dozen #8: Cursebreak

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  1. I don’t play Pauper, but I still follow your weekly articles. Great job on the first 4-0 :D.

  2. Why, why, why are you not pitching the gatewarden in the very last game, it is by far the worst card in your hand since it does NOTHING. It can’t ever block without you dieing. Instead you pitch a land (which draws you a card) and curse which might be usefull at some points.

    Some other misplays, especially in the storm matchup, but good matches in general.

  3. Ainzy – Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the comment!

    SibbY – Very cool to hear, thank you!

    Comments – I’ll have to watch the game again I suppose, and yes there will naturally be mistakes when I pilot a deck for the second time ever. Hope you still got some enjoyment out of the matches!

  4. It will probably help me improve if you point out the errors you saw in the storm matchup. Thanks!

  5. Not that many actually, my memory must have multiplied it a bit. My main problem is with game 3: the hand was keepable, but you tapped out to much and kept the piracy charm. In a way you forced him to go off early as he did not want to face your hand, but one the other hand you never got to even use your charms as he simply went of when you tapped out.
    The correct play, I think would have been to not keep the piracy charm and not play the delver the turn you did. Especially when you have double charm (keeping the charm) keeping up dispell/hydroblast seems much better since you can endstep charm if he does not do anything, and then play delver, again keeping up dispell/blast and again having charm for his endstep.

    The other point was in match 4 game 3 where you should have protected your delver from removal with your second echoing bounce spell (which wasn’t doing anything else) and discarded the defender instead of charm and/or land. If he resolved a gnarlid (sp?) you had more then enough chains and if another creature resolved you were dead anyway.

    Besides that you played well I think. Especially G1 against WW I do not think I personally could have resisted countering the unmake with the deprive and replaying the land, which would have given him an opportunity to resolve squadron hawk, which is much more problematic, so yeah.

  6. Congrats on the wins… though I would have liked a continued Miles theme. Like “Kind of Blue” into “Bitches Brew” or something… Of course, this was the same deck as last time so there’s still time.

  7. Congrats on the showing and enjoyed the vids, so thanks.

    I think in the storm mu your biggest misplay was tapping out in g1 for spire golem. I know hindsight is wonderful, but even before you made the play I was sitting there going “please don’t play the golem”. As soon as you get double counterspell mana, you’re in a very strong position to stop him and waiting an extra one turn before starting to put some pressure up isn’t going to change the fundamentals of the game significantly.

    I’m also not sure whether it was right to keep the spire golem that you found from preordain given that your biggest priority there should be getting to double counterspel mana, but I guess you had no other possible threat at that stage.

  8. Hey, just for future reference, the actual best way to check if you are still connected isn’t by typing in the text box. Often times, if your problem is with your internet rather than the server, your text will still display. Trying right clicking on your name, and then click on information. If your ratings are displayed you are still connected. This is 100% foolproof.

    Thanks for the content.

  9. ownage77 – thank you!

    Comments – I appreciate the observations.

    Maeths – Not sure if I’ll be able to have a series of relayed titles, but we’ll see!

  10. PB – I can see what you’re saying about that storm game.

    Woo – Glad you enjoyed, I’ll keep your tips in mind.

  11. Gratz on the 4-0, good videos as usual.

    I was also concerned when you played the Golem rather than leave double counterspell up in the Storm match since 2x Counterspell actually has a shot at fizzling them vs 2 power and one Counterspell. I’m glad that deck fizzled in game three.

    M4G3: At 20:33 when the first Journey is played, would killing your own Gatewarden with the Charm and bouncing the Delver be a good play? It forces him to Journey his heavily enchanted creature. That was my thought.

  12. Congratulations on the win!

    Preordain allows you to play fewer lands. Some of the stock Delver lists run as low as 16 lands while you run 22. This, of course, comes from the fact that they’ll have plenty to do with just 2 mana.

    I think the deck is bad positioned against the Storm combo decks. If the pilot knows what he/she is doing they’ll spend the first 4-5 turn sculpting their hand and just go off when it’s convenient. If you want to beat them you have to present a quick clock. Notice what happened Match 1 Game 2. They were at such a low life total that they had to pay blue for the probes and most likely had a lot of Sign in Bloods in hand they couldn’t cast.

    I think this deck’s twin in the mono blue post may be better positioned against the field. The post mana allows you to play Mulldrifter over Delver and generally gives you more time due to the lifegain and such.

  13. Rick – Glad you liked the videos! I’ll have to watch R4 again to see.

    Hiveking – I’m not sure if the storm matchup is that bad, or if Mono U Post is better positioned…

  14. Congratulations!

    I realy realy like your decklist. It’s cool, rogue-style and seems to work well. I’d love to see a matchup against goblins.

  15. Just curious what you meant when you said you weren’t a huge fan of nerdy9 in the last round? You said something about confronting him and was just curious if it was a personal problem or he’s not a great player?

  16. Lantis – Thank you for the kind words! I’ve only played against Goblins once casually, but my deck performed very well there.

    bobby – I’d rather not say exactly, but it was in regards to a conversation we had.

  17. for future reference the way to tell if you are connected on modo is to right click your name and hit information, if you have your format rating displayed you are connected.

  18. also when your opponent isn’t doing anything for a exceedingly long time, pause your video. It will make your videos tons watchable

  19. neckfire – Someone already mentioned that, but thanks. I hope my videos are watchable already, but I will try to find a program that lets me pause.

  20. Very entertaining, great series of games. Gotta say that control deck looks fun to play.

  21. Oh definitely watchable, I usually watch them at work on a lunch break. Any changes you would make going forward? I’m about to run it in a DE right now.
    the only switch i made was gush for deep and unfortunately think twice for AK simply cause I’m cheap unless i wanna buy tickets or sell cards haha