Dime a Dozen #82: Existence is Futile

Is playing Tortured Existence in the Pauper 2-Man Queues terrific, or just plain torture? Jason sleeves up a Golgari take on the graveyard strategy and learns the hard way.


  1. Really liked the video, the Tortex gameplan is fascinating but not so consistent, i think the abzan version is strictly superior than the BG, because it’s not totally dependent on having tortured existence on board and has some sweet interactions to generate card advantage, which the BG list lacks.

  2. Gusgus – Glad you enjoyed it! I tinkered around with an Abzan version, but didn’t spend enough time with it. I appreciate your ideas and input.

  3. Jason, Appreciate the video. I agree with Gusgus that an Abzan version is superior. Would like to see you run it back next episode with an Abzan configuration. The deck is surprisingly mana hungry for one who’s “Engine” clocks in at 1 mana. I find the 3 color brews running Kor Skyfisher’s along with Abundant growth, Wayfinder Satyr, and a lone tilling treefolk and auramancer give the deck much needed help defending the skies and the ability to generate more card advantage both on board and out of the graveyard. I think this type of deck has a lot of potential. With access to so many cards at any one time the decision tree certainly grows pretty tall. There are so many great cards that could go into this type of deck it is both a blessing and a curse. Making it’s existence seem at times….tortured.

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