Dime a Dozen #89: Bant on the Run

Tron might be very well-positioned in Pauper right now…But what about Bant Tron?! Jason runs his custom list in a Pauper League to see what it can do!

Okay so I know many of you are wondering why I would choose the Bant color combination.

I believe Bant might be the answer to making this deck not only strong against the format’s top performers, but also significantly stronger against low to the ground decks like Burn and Izzet Fiend.

It’s clear that Fangren Marauder is more than problematic for Affinity, and reason enough to warrant playing green in the deck. Blue is also a bit of a given because it gives us so much to do with copious amounts of mana.

So the real ├Činnovation├« here, if we can call it that, is playing white over red. I think the white removal spells are slightly more potent at the moment, since Flame Slash sometimes falls short of killing creatures that can be pumped up (like Atog and Nivix Cyclops).

People are mostly playing red because they feel Rolling Thunder is an auto-include in these Tron decks. While it’s obviously quite the spell, I’m hoping that today’s videos can prove that it’s far from a foregone conclusion.


  1. How about trying it simic ?

    Congrats on the 4-1, nice deck.

    Have you considered trying this deck straight UG ? If you are leaving red out, why even adding a 3rd color ?

    Most of what white is doing (slowing early game with enchantments) can be done with blue or green with cards like lignify or curse of chains. Sideboard does lose a couple staples but nothing that can’t be replaced. I wonder if the slight loss of card quality isn’t worth the more stable mana base (Thornwood Falls), some games you did have a hard time to cast marauder.

  2. Uspdudes – Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

    I might try Simic out, though I am concerned with the inferiority of its removal. Against some decks we really need the creatures completely gone.

    For instance, the various Kor Skyfisher decks can otherwise just bounce their guys back to hand. MBC can still use the devotion of their guys for devastating effect. Izzet Fiend can find an Apostle’s Blessing later on and free their creature. That’s a lot of risks to be taking against a lot of the top decks.

    Any ideas how we can reconcile these issues?

    It still might be worth trying out for some potential added color consistency. Thanks again!

  3. Thoughts on pulse of murasa? I run temur tron with g only for pulse. It’s a way to outgrind black and u/b control. It’s a way to infinitely chump fangren marauders with your sea gates and mulkdrifters all the while pulling ahead on cards (run a couple of ways to recur the pulses). Plus pulse once or twice and u beat burn and stompy. Affinity is a cakewalk against temur from, I love seeing tree of tales from my opponent.

  4. W4lrus – Like many I’ve also been drinking the Pulse of Murasa Kool-Aid. I don’t have any revolutionary thoughts on it though. As you mentioned already – just be sure you’re pairing it with Mnemonic Wall variants and Mulldrifters and it’s hard to go wrong. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Nice decklist. I was wondering if there is space for a ruin processor, in order to ingest the permanent exiled by JTN/Ring and then bounce them in hand with capsize