Dime a Dozen #95: Jason + Matron

It’s possible you’ve never seen Goblin Matron quite like this! Today Jason joins a Pauper League to find out what nonaggressive uses she has!


  1. I enjoy your content, but it seems like in Pauper, the meta is so established, that there are like 4 decks that people slightly adjust here and there. Besides that, everything and every game always plays out the same….it gets old.

  2. Matthew Burleson – Thanks for the comment! Personally I enjoy getting familiar with the metagame. I like to see how effective I can make my control decks, etc. against the opposition!

  3. I enjoy your content, but it seems I like pauper, because the meta is healthy and diverse. That there is viable and competitive deck of nearly every archetype and color combination allows people to own and play anything they choose, with room for innovation. Besides that, every game plays out differently, and as always every decision is critical….if you want to win.

  4. Jason, it seems like Warren Pilferer’s is the kind of card you want exactly 2 copies of, giving you the potential to “go infinite” with them.

  5. FlintSmith – Well said! A second Pilferers could end up being pretty juicy, considering the fact that they give each other haste also!

  6. I don’t feel ‘terminate’ is playable in pauper. If your base is Black/Red – there are many more organic and symbiotic removal spells that aren’t so ‘see-n-say’ available…tragic slip…doom blade, bolts etc…all more flexible.