Dime a Dozen #97: Desperate Housemonks

Jason tests his Pauper prowess by taking Jeskai Sage and Whirlwind Adept into a 5-Round League! Will format newbie Desperate Ravings end up feeling at home alongside them?


  1. Was hoping to see some more of the Mardu control deck this week! I was thinking that deck might also want a Heliod’s Pilgrim package. 2 Pilgrims with a Dead Weight and a Recumbent Bliss to fetch. After seeing how good Pristine Talisman is in the format I was looking for ways to “incidentally” gain life each turn and came across Recumbent Bliss. It’s a tad expensive to use with Pilgrim, but if you’re tight on mana that’s when you grab Dead Weight. Also, I’ve been working on a Mardu control list that uses Goblin Matron and Heliod’s Pilgrim to fetch removal spells like Nameless Inversion, Tarfire, and Warren Weirding along with Dead Weight, Recumbent Bliss and Faith’s Fetters. Warren Pilferer’s and Monk Idealist to to re-use them. Getting promising results, but it’s a touch slow against the hyper aggressive decks.

  2. VanillaVillain – Those are some very cool ideas! I’m pretty confident that a deck in Mardu colors can lower its curve to perform well against most aggro, though.

  3. Nice deck, congrats! Very nice games to watch. How about replacing spellbombs with relics ?

  4. Anonymous – Thank you, glad to hear! I’m considering playing a split of Spellbomb/Relic, though my concern with Relic stems from the fact that this deck interacts with its own graveyard quite a bit.