Draftcandy #12: MM15 Draft #4

Noah opens a first pack with several powerful green picks in this week’s Modern Masters 2015 draft.

You can find Noah on Twitter @Novasandler.

  1. Noah, I love how you abandoned your first picks like that. What discipline! Great vids as usual. Thanks!

  2. Well said Gregg! And I don’t think those were weak early picks that most people would be fine giving up. I, for one, would have kept hoping and ended up with a train wreck.

  3. Why do you think RB bloodthirst is underdrafted? Do you think there are less early picks that make you want to play that archetype? What am I trying to say…? Like fireslingers and minotaurs are key for the deck, but they don’t seem to be first picked. Lightning bolts are, but they are super easy to splash. Is the strategy to start drafting another archetype and see if RB becomes open halfway through pack one like you did here?

    I hope this makes sense…

  4. NoTeef- I think it definitely has to do with there being less early picks, the removal being splashable, and the cards (especially black) not really having a place in other archetypes. Fireslinger, Minotaurs, Lacerator, Bats, and Ogre are all powerful commons that most decks don’t actively want. And I think the difference in hype between BR Bloodthirst and GW tokens is that tokens has bomby rares and uncommons that push you into the archetype, where BR Bloodthirst is built off solely commons, with stuff like Ashenmoor Gouger, Stormblood Berserker, Lightning Bolt, and Vampire Outcasts being nice additions, but ultimately not necessary for the deck to 3-0.

  5. That a pretty impressive signal reads. Just curious, would this have been a 15 land deck? Since your curve ends at 4 and flood is definitely a easy way to lose. Being stuck on 3 doesn’t even seem too bad. What do you think?

  6. I think 15 lands gets colorscrewed a little too often when running double black, double red, and 1 drops of both colors. You want a minimum 8 sources of a color with those conditions. Putting in an extra marginal creature or pump spell won’t have the same impact of being able to hit your drops on the appropriate turns to enable bloodthirst on the earliest turn possible.