Draftcandy #38: Holiday Cube 2015 Draft #2

Bring in the new year with some Holiday Cube with Noah!

You can find Noah on Twitter @Novasandler.

  1. Game 2 turn 4 when opponent played prowler. why didn’t you discard blightsteel to prowler when you had welder and izzet signet out. on your turn 5 activate welder to bring back blightsteel with still having fow back up win on turn 6…. very sloppy play

  2. also, on turn 7 why did you attack with the welder? clearly you haven’t played with that card much? if you left him untapped you can use him to keep swapping in and out your artifacts.

  3. Read blightsteel colossus it just gets shuffled instead of going grave yard unlike the old eldrazi that shuffle when they go in the graveyard

  4. Hah, serves me right for not double checking. Even looked up welder to make sure it wasn’t at sorcery speed.

  5. Hi Noah, Really like watching these, but the mic pop is really bad, makes them unwatchable on my home speakers and barely able to watch with headphones, maybe get a better mic or better mic position? Thanks for the vids.