Draftcandy #5: DTK Draft #4

Noah returns for his fourth Dragons of Tarkir draft.

You can find Noah on Twitter @Novasandler.

  1. Viewer does not like how you use the word “opponent”, viewer finds it annoying. Viewer would like the videos better if you talked normally.

  2. I really like the term opponent in draft videos. It’s respectful and articulate.

    Enjoyable video, really loving this series, keep it up. I don’t tilt at all generally but that’s just my general manner and because of it I’ll never really be that competitive. You have to care to succeed and if that means getting upset occasionally that’s fine. As long as you don’t atake it out on your opponent!

  3. That deck was really sweet. Thanks for the videos! What I would like to see is a short post games commentary from your side what you would handle differently after the fact, if at all.

  4. The way someone handles difficult situations tells a lot about the player. In my view it is vital to keep a respectful and analytical demeanor. Anyway, enjoy the games and keep going!

  5. You handled the situations very well, if that didn’t came out from my previous comment.

  6. Thanks for the comments. I feel like anyone who competes at a high level will get frustrated at times, and it’s important to find a way to manage that without taking it out on other people or letting it spill over into the rest of your life.

  7. Opponent played great and had a great deck.
    I mean… look, sometimes you lose on round 1 and I think that in this instance it really was your opponent beating you more than you losing.
    I think you need to give some credit to him here, this I feel was a bit more than randomly drawing exactly what punishes you.
    This was a great deck and great piloting and you put up a great fight and it was a very good match.
    I like it that you were willing to put up a draft you lost on round 1 and the match was very very interesting, easily more interesting than some drafts where some guy gets to face weak decks 3 matches in a row and wins without much problem.

    One thing I really hope you will consider – PLEASE by all means stop zooming in and out.
    If you need to focus on some card just zoom the card up, not the entire region where it sits, especially if you aren’t even going to talk about it.
    It’s so awkward for you to be going about some situation while zooming on something almost unrelated or something that doesn’t show the whole picture.

  8. Sorry for the zooming thing, it was unintentional and I didn’t notice it before posting. LambTTS makes a great point about opponent’s play. Getting your butt kicked usually means that your opponent played really well. Appreciating this helps to recover from a tough loss by shifting your focus to something positive, rather than bad luck, self-blame, or disparaging your opponent.

  9. Another great instructional vid. I think you handled getting outdrawn extremely well, FWIW. Disagree a bit with LambTTS regarding your opponent. I feel as if they ‘played well’ due to drawing well. I feel as if there are games in which your draw leaves you with very easy game winning decisions, and the opponent capitalized on such a scenario, particularly in game 2.

    Just wondering if you think Mirror Mockery may have deserved a shot in game 2, considering all the ETBs and death triggers in play on both sides of the table… Maybe I overvalue it a bit much due to its fun factor, but I think it can be a very versatile and unexpected answer to many situations…