Draftcandy #59: Kaladesh Draft #3

Which takes longer for Noah?: Winning a game or sideboarding? This question is a live one in this Kaladesh draft.

You can find Noah on Twitter @Novasandler, and on Twitch at twitch.tv/modogrinder1.

  1. Hey Noah,
    Thanks again for the contact. Always great! In the video pause at the beginning of the draft, it looks like you first picked prism. I am curious what else was in the pack. I seem to oscillate between maybe picking prism too early and too late (but maybe there is no too early)? What are your thoughts at this stage in the format?

  2. Hey, it was between Prism, Hunt the Weak, Elegant Edgecrafters, and Blossoming Defense. I didn’t feel like the green was worth fighting for. I would lean on taking it
    too early if it’s early in the draft. It’s a colorless card and allows you more options for future picks.

  3. In M2G3 did you consider piloting the freighter? If they take 5 you do more than attacking with the giant. If they double block, you can built to last keeping your freighter, clearing their board and still doing 5.

  4. The correct play just occurred to me. Crew the Dragster, opponent will block with 1/1, Welding Sparks and Built to Last for 8 trample. Can’t imagine them double blocking, but if they do Built to Last will wipe their board and put them to 2.