Draftcandy #7: DTK Draft #5

Noah returns to share another Dragons of Tarkir draft.

You can find Noah on Twitter @Novasandler.

  1. I think you overestimated the white signal. You got passed a 6th pick Vulturous Aven and then quickly moved that and Death Wind to the sideboard. For what? Aven Sunstriker was the best white card that was passed to you pack 1 by a lot, and that’s a worse card than the Vulturous Aven in my opinion.

  2. I weigh multiple weak packs with at least 1 good white card and no black a lot more than one pack with 3 strong cards, 2 being black. The Vulturous Aven pack was an exceptionally strong pack (5 cards already picked from it,) and should be treated as an outlier. If the next pack had a strong black card in it, I would reassess.

  3. That’s completely fair – appreciate you taking the time to respond by the way. I still don’t think there was much of a white signal, much less one as strong as you claimed.

  4. There certainly weren’t amazing white cards being passed, but there was a consistent flow of white in relatively weak packs. White is pretty weak in DTK, so it’s unlikely that people were just taking better white cards, certainly not 4 picks in a row. Fate Reforged white is very strong, so I’m excited about white being open from our right. Results-wise I think my read was correct as we got some nice late picks in pack 1 and a strong pack 3, but a UB deck would likely have ended up stronger.