Draftcandy #8: DTK Draft #6

Noah starts off this DTK draft with a solid first pick and immediately finds a fork in the road for pick 2.

You can find Noah on Twitter @Novasandler.

  1. it´s quite unsatisfying to watch these on fullscreen with only 360p. you seem to be switching between good and bad quality, mayb you can stick with 720p uploads?

  2. Hello, I would also like to ask if you could increase the resolution of the videos to a constant 720 at least. Thanks for the free content, MTGO Academy!

  3. Bad analysis. You made the rookie mistake of caring more about a few cards you passed early in the first booster round than reading the signals about what was open for you from the right. You should have jumped into White immediately and without doubt when the first Enduring Victory came instead of picking up the mediocre Krotiq. Then, in the second booster round, when you did not see good Black (which might have been a little bad luck, but you also overestimated how much of a claim you’d staked onto that color – well, it doesn’t matter), you obviously should have picked up the good green creatures instead of already planning for a splash with the Deathfang and taking the Student which would obviously not do you much good. There may be drafts where signals are clearer, but the boosters told you what you needed to know, and you ignored them. So you ended up scrounging for playables in 2.5 colors instead of getting a solid, focussed GW deck.