Eldritch Moon Full Limited Set Review

Noah returns with a limited set review, focusing on draft, for Eldritch Moon. The following three videos contain rankings on the top commons, uncommons, and bombs from the new set!

Noah’s letter grade rankings are as follows:


Blessed Alliance C+
Borrowed Grace C
Bruna, the Fading Light B+
Choking Restraints B
Collective Effort B+
Courageous Outrider B-
Dawn Gryff C
Deploy the Gatewatch F
Desperate Sentry C+
Drogskol Shieldmate C+
Extricator of Sin C-
Faith Unbroken B
Faithbearer Paladin C-
Fiend Binder C+
Geist of the Lonely Vigil C
Gisela, the Broken Blade A
Give No Ground D+
Guardian of Pilgrims C+
Ironclad Slayer C
Ironwright’s Cleansing D
Lone Rider B
Long Road Home C
Lunarch Mantle D+
Peace of Mind D
Providence C+
Repel the Abominable C+
Sanctifier of Souls B
Selfless Spirit B
Sigarda’s Aid F
Sigardian Priest B+
Spectral Reserves C
Steadfast Cathar C-
Subjugator Angel C+
Thalia, Heretic Cathar A-
Thalia’s Lancers B
Thraben Standard Bearer D


Advanced Stitchwing B-
Chilling Grasp C+
Coax from the Blind Eternities F
Contingency Plan D-
Convolute C-
Curious Homunculus C-
Displace D+
Drag Under B-
Docent of Perfection A
Enlightened Maniac C+
Exultant Cultist B-
Fogwalker D+
Fortune’s Favor C+
Geist of the Archives B
Grizzled Angler B-
Identity Thief C
Imprisoned in the Moon B-
Ingenious Skaab B-
Laboratory Brute C
Lunar Force D+
Mausoleum Wanderer C
Mind’s Dilation D
Nebelgast Herald B
Niblis of Frost A-
Scour the Laboratory C
Spontaneous Mutation C
Summary Dismissal D-
Take Inventory D+
Tattered Haunter B-
Turn Aside D
Unsubstantiate C+
Wharf Infiltrator B-


Boon of Emrakul B
Borrowed Malevolence C
Cemetery Recruitment D+
Certain Death C+
Collective Brutality B
Cryptbreaker B+
Dark Salvation B+
Dusk Feaster C
Gavony Unhallowed C+
Graf Harvest C-
Graf Rats D+
Haunted Dead B-
Liliana, the Last Hope A-
Liliana’s Elite C
Markov Crusader C
Midnight Scavengers C+
Murder A-
Noosegraf Mob B+
Oath of Liliana C-
Olivia’s Dragoon C+
Prying Questions D
Rise from the Grave C+
Ruthless Disposal B
Skirsdag Supplicant C
Strange Augmentation D
Stromkirk Condemned B-
Succumb to Temptation C
Thraben Foulbloods C
Tree of Perdition B+
Vampire Cutthroat D
Voldaren Pariah B-
Wailing Ghoul D+
Weirded Vampire C-
Whispers of Emrakul D


Abandon Reason B-
Alchemist’s Greeting C+
Assembled Alphas B+
Bedlam Reveler B-
Blood Mist D+
Bold Impaler D
Borrowed Hostility D+
Brazen Wolves B-
Collective Defiance B+
Conduit of Storms B-
Deranged Whelp C
Distemper of the Blood D
Falkenrath Reaver C-
Furyblade Vampire C+
Galvanic Bombardment B
Hanweir Garrison B
Harmless Offering F
Impetuous Devils B-
Incendiary Flow B+
Insatiable Gorgers C+
Make Mischief D+
Mirrorwing Dragon A
Nahiri’s Wrath A-
Otherworldly Outburst C
Prophetic Ravings D+
Savage Alliance A-
Shreds of Sanity D+
Smoldering Werewolf B
Spreading Flames C
Stensia Banquet D-
Stensia Innkeeper C-
Stromkirk Occultist B
Thermo-Alchemist B
Vildin-Pack Outcast B-
Weaver of Lightning B


Backwoods Survivalists C
Bloodbriar C
Clear Shot B+
Crop Sigil C-
Crossroads Consecrator D
Eldritch Evolution D+
Emrakul’s Evangel C+
Emrakul’s Influence F
Foul Emissary B-
Gnarlwood Dryad B-
Grapple with the Past C+
Hamlet Captain C+
Ishkanah, Grafwidow A-
Kessig Prowler B-
Noose Constrictor B+
Permeating Mass C+
Prey Upon B-
Primal Druid C+
Shrill Howler C+
Somberwald Stag B
Spirit of the Hunt B
Splendid Reclamation F
Springsage Ritual D
Swift Spinner C-
Tangleclaw Werewolf B-
Ulvenwald Captive B+
Ulvenwald Observer B
Waxing Moon D+
Wolfkin Bond C-
Woodcutter’s Grit C
Woodland Patrol C-


Bloodhall Priest B
Campaign of Vengeance D+
Gisa and Geralf B
Grim Flayer B-
Heron’s Grace Champion B
Mercurial Geists B-
Mournwillow C+
Ride Down B-
Spell Queller B+
Tamiyo, Field Researcher A-
Ulrich of the Krallenhorde A


Abundant Maw B-
Cathar’s Shield D+
Cryptolith Fragment D+
Cultist’s Staff C
Decimator of the Provinces A+
Distended Mindbender A+
Drownyard Behemoth B
Elder Deep-Fiend B+
Emrakul, the Promised End C+
Eternal Scourge B-
Field Creeper D+
Geist-Fueled Scarecrow D-
It of the Horrid Swarm C
Lashweed Lurker B
Lupine Prototype D-
Mockery of Nature C+
Slayer’s Cleaver D-
Soul Separator D-
Stitcher’s Graft B-
Terrarion C
Thirsting Axe D+
Vexing Scuttler B-
Wretched Gryff B-


Geier Reach Sanitarium C-
Hanweir Battlements C
Nephalia Academy F

You can find Noah on Twitter @Novasandler, and on Twitch at twitch.tv/modogrinder1.

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