Hot or Not? Scars of Mirrodin Prediction Contest (Final Challenge)

Welcome to the final challenge for Scars of Mirrodin Hot or Not! Just a long-winded reminder: This edition of Hot or Not will be finished after this challenge! The prize will be 100 web store or bot credits (for MTGOcardtraderbot- check us out in game!), and the winner(s) will be announced after October 31, 2010 (after all, we need time to see what is hot and what is… not)! (In the event of a tie, the prize will be split evenly, rounded down, among the pool of winners. Only registered members’ votes will be counted. It’s fast, free and easy to register! Only one entry per Challenge per member. Please do NOT create multiple accounts. We do have means to check and cheaters will be banned from the site and contest! Contributors may participate!)

This week’s challenge will be accepting entries until October 9, 2010 at 23:59. Don’t miss the deadline- you won’t be counted if you do!

Fourth Challenge – A Numbers Game

We’ve saved the best for last! With Scars Standard decks playing in paper, the new metagame is starting to rear its ugly head. The last challenge focuses solely on what we can expect to see in the MTGO metagame to come- how many Scars of Mirrodin cards will be in the Top8 of the first Standard Premier Event on October 30, 2010? (Remember to consider main decks and sideboards between your guess- there are 600 total cards minimum in a Standard Top 8. Basic lands will not be counted.) Submit your answer as a whole number of cards; may the best guesser win!


  1. This is the best for last? Seems more like “guess the number of beans in the jar” as in: there are reasonably accurate (and time consuming) ways to go about deriving this… except that in this case we aren’t even being shown the jar yet!

    This could be a more interesting question in a non-rotation set release.

    That said, in for a penny, in for a pound: 86