Hot or Not? Scars of Mirrodin Prediction Contest (Second Challenge)

Welcome back to the second week (and second challenge) of Hot or Not! Just a long-winded reminder: This edition of Hot or Not will feature one challenge every Sunday until October 2, 2010. The prize will be 100 web store or bot credits (for MTGOcardtraderbot- check us out in game!), and the winner(s) will be announced after October 31, 2010 (after all, we need time to see what is hot and what is… not)! (In the event of a tie, the prize will be split evenly, rounded down, among the pool of winners. Only registered members’ votes will be counted. It’s fast, free and easy to register! Only one entry per Challenge per member. Please do NOT create multiple accounts. We do have means to check and cheaters will be banned from the site and contest! Contributors may participate!)

This week’s challenge will be accepting entries until September 25, 2010 at 23:59. Don’t miss the deadline- you won’t be counted if you do!

Second Challenge – Creature Feature!

WotC loves to make tribal-styled lords, and Scars has more than a few creatures that care about a specific quality of their brothers and sisters on the battlefield- just this time they aren’t the typical tribal that we’re used to! Out of the above four creature cards, which ONE will be worth the most tickets on MTGO on October 31, 2010? If you want, you can also write a little bit why you think your choice will be the most expensive! Will their be enough Infect creatures or Myr to make them viable “tribes”, or will one of the old clans reign? Remember that this is a price-based competition, so casual players will drive demand too!

For example, your submission may look like this:

Ezuri, Renegade Leader (Elves are always good!)

Good luck, and again check out the WotC visual spoiler for the many Scars of Mirrodin treasures to come!

  1. 1. Hand of the Praetors (New mechanic, revival of poison, and lots of brewing to make it work.)

    2. Myr Battlesphere (Another new tribe, plus with all the ZEN-block/myr mana accel, getting to 7 shouldn’t be tough.)

    3. Ezuri, Renegade Leader (Elves ARE always popular, plus it has built-in Overrun. Certainly a new commander to try.)

    4. Grand Architect (Lots of neat abilities, but it just doesn’t have “oomph,” at least from my perspective.)

  2. Grand Architect (value betting – less people thinking Grand Architect, and if it wins, I split with less people!)

  3. You only need to choose one; for the above, we’ll just count the first choice as your choice. Good luck everyone!

  4. I’m actually going to go with the Myr Battlesphere. It has the most combo potential i think out of the three and that will appeal to all psychographics at least at first..

  5. Hand of the Praetors. (BRRRAAIINNSSS!!! Also it is a massive boon to an infect deck shortens the clock massively, makes chump blocks advantageous, adding poison counters is nice this plus ichor rats anyone? poison much?)

  6. I think Myr Battlesphere will be worth most because they look like little Furbies or Gremlins and that is sooooo cute! ;-) On a serious note, I would probably bet on the Elf because Elfs are always good!

    Cheers everyone and good luck with the contest!

  7. Obviously Ezuri, Renegade Leader

    100Card Singleton Elves auto include
    Commander Elves auto include
    Extended Elves, ehh, it might be
    Standard Elves, ehh, if the deck is made then yes
    it being the only legendary of the bunch helps alot

  8. 1. Hand of the Praetors (gets your opponen tto 10 poison counters really fast and a fast alt. win condition is always nice!)
    2. Grand Architect (artifacts and blue is good combo especially when they work together to give u lots(!) of mana)
    3. Ezuri (great for the singleton format but i don’t see i go off in standard.)
    4. Myr Battlesphere (really like this card and it will be a killer with the myr galvanizer but i think it’s too casual)

  9. Ezuri (ability to protect against removal and awesome overrun)
    Hand of Praetors (making small threats bigger)
    Grand Architect (some artifact deck is going to run amuck)
    Myr Battleshphere (more small guys is always fun and very hard to deal with)

  10. Hand of the Praetors- I just believe this is the pivotal 4 drop that a poison deck needs. Being a lord and pumping all the infect creatures only makes it stronger.

  11. Grand Architect:

    This may not be as aggressively powerful as the other cards, but it provides a very strong mana abiltity, while tacking on a very strong lord ability.

    My next choice would be Hand of the Praetors.

  12. 1 battlesphere (myr are guna be good in tournaments plus the casual player will love them)
    2 hand: i see potential in this guy, especially since hes only one black mana. he could be a hidden gem in tournaments

    3: grand architect (i see the mana generating ability and within it potential. anything that can pump out mana with artifacts will see play. could be extended, maybe t2, but this guy will get used you can bet on it. it may just take time.

    4: ezuri, he allows comebacks from day of judgment which elves despretly need. this is big. However i havent seen many elf decks as of late. there are some great elves coming out with synergy with artifacts, but idk if it will be a huge surge.

  13. This is horribly dependant on what is to come, but assuming block constructed will feature an infect deck, I’m going to go with

    *Hand of the Praetors*.

  14. 1. Myr Battlesphere(will have some interesting mechanics with Venser)
    2 Grand Architect(Looks like Scars is going to be bring back artifacts in a big way)
    3. Ezuri(He will certainly find a place in the elf decks)
    4 Hand of Praetors(at this point not enough infect based creature to make this guy good)

  15. I’ll vote for “Hand of the Praetors” (A lack of infest creatures could weaken it, but it has a lot of potential)

  16. 1. Hand of the Praetors (a lot of people will be wanting to try out Infect, methinks)
    2. Grand Architect (seems like a really powerful card)
    3. Ezuri (Elves.. well, someone’s always going to play elves)
    4. Myr Battlesphere (you get lots of bodies and myr.dec could be a real force in the future, but it won’t be seeing playing as a four-of, I don’t think.)

  17. Hand of the Praetors. If there is enough infect support in the set, this card will be a must.
    I was thinking about Grand Architect, but it is too narrow.
    The elf is cool, but he’s legendary, so there will be less demand him.

  18. 1. Ezuri – goes right into nearly very elf deck, Timmys love him.
    2. Grand Architect – were just not seeing his sickness quite yet.
    3. Myr Battlesphere – First colorless creature to etb. with tokens (before Golem) and also a good one
    4. Hand of Preators – Infect will suck and even if it won’t this one only goes into infect decks, which won’t be many, so worth nothing

  19. Timmy’s effect on modo prices is negligible. Grand Architect is interesting but without quite a lot of support doesn’t actually do much. Myr Battlesphere is terrible. Hand is a good card that defines its deck.

  20. Grand Architect. Color lords are more overarching than tribal lords, and making all of your blue critters tap for Workshop mana seems a little ridiculous.

  21. 1. Grand Architect (lord, able to power out artifacts, 3 toughness, blue)
    2. Hand of the Priortor (everyone wants to play with infect, infect lord, awesome ability, fair cost)
    3. Edrazi (overrun on a stick for elves, but is fairly weak and requires mana to be a lord, other successful lords for elvers were perfect and the m10 lord also he is legendary while others are not)
    4. Myr battlesphere (even though casual players will want it is too costly for much constructive play and not that many needed for a deck)

  22. As much as I want it to be the grand architect, I say it’s going to be ezuri, renegade leader, based purely on demand from casual formats and EDH players.

  23. My favourite is the Battlesphere, and I think Hand has a fairly unqiue potential to carve out a non-combat win condtion…but I think out of those 4, the most pricey on Modo will be Grand Architect.

  24. Grand Architect – A lord that targets all Blue creatures is insane. Think about it all Blue creatures regardless of tribe you control are affected by the ability. Plus he allows you to make any artifact creature Blue, and allows you to cast artifacts and artifacts ability’s for dirt cheap. This guy is clearly the most powerful of the bunch.

  25. 1st: Grand Architect – Another merfolk lord lol and with him you can cast and activate equips and vials. I can see in some kind of painter’s combo too. He has potential.
    I like ezuri for standard but with eldrazi monument… is a 1x.