Hot or Not? Scars of Mirrodin Prediction Contest (Third Challenge)

A third week and a third challenge for Scars of Mirrodin Hot or Not! Just a long-winded reminder: This edition of Hot or Not will feature one challenge every Sunday until October 3, 2010. The prize will be 100 web store or bot credits (for MTGOcardtraderbot- check us out in game!), and the winner(s) will be announced after October 31, 2010 (after all, we need time to see what is hot and what is… not)! (In the event of a tie, the prize will be split evenly, rounded down, among the pool of winners. Only registered members’ votes will be counted. It’s fast, free and easy to register! Only one entry per Challenge per member. Please do NOT create multiple accounts. We do have means to check and cheaters will be banned from the site and contest! Contributors may participate!)

This week’s challenge will be accepting entries until October 2, 2010 at 23:59. Don’t miss the deadline- you won’t be counted if you do!

Third Challenge – Foxy Moxy

Moxen have traditionally been some of the most expensive cards in their respective sets. Look at the price history of Mox Diamond and Chrome Mox while they were in Extended and Standard, and you will see a string of numbers in the high teens to twenties! But Mox Opal is an entirely different beast- it is both Legendary and Mythic! So here is your challenge for the third week of Hot or Not: how expensive (to the nearest Event Ticket) will Mox Opal be on MTGO come October 31, 2010? Submit your answer as a whole number of tickets, and the best of luck to all that play!

For example, your submission may look like this:

Mox Opal will be 100 Tickets (but hopefully I am wrong)!


  1. I think it will follow the same path as Lotus Cobra, starting in low 20′s, dropping off to 4-8, then recovering to around 14-15 once it gets tournament play.

  2. Mox Opal will be 1.2*10^1 tickets. Sorry for putting my submission in the form of an equation.

  3. Mythics are either under 3, under 10 or well over 20 and since this says “mox” I’ll go with 33.