Kool Runnings: BTT Drafting with MOCS Competitor David Kaufmann

Chris catches MOCS competitor youhavenogame for a few casual 8-4 Born of the Gods-Theros-Theros drafts in preparation for what not to do at the Championship this weekend. Join them and view one of Magic Online’s elite grinders in his natural form— tired, indifferent, and drafting.

David Kaufmann, aka youhavenogame on Magic Online is a grinder and invitee to the next MOCS championship. You can find more about him (with a sweet picture) at his bio page on DailyMTG.

Note, there are TWO draft series below!


  1. Thanks for the content, getting two drafts was sweet although Kaufmann was a little distant for the final one :)

  2. Fun games – nice to hear and see different people playing Limited BTT on MTGOAcademy!

  3. Not taking the Nessian Wilds Ravager was very sketchy. Yes, it’s not the best thing ever, but still a tremendous card and a minor bomb.