Blast from the Past: ZZW 84 with Plejades

[Editor's Note: This article originally ran on March 19, 2010. If you like Limited and want to be able to crack a "big payoff," you should be drafting ZZW!]

Hello everyone!

It’s a while since I have done a draft walkthrough in written form. I have received many requests from members that wanted to see more draft material from me and this time I even go “mainstream” and play in a ZZW 8-4 draft instead of my usual nostalgia driven Classic set drafts.
In this draft we will also use a new draft viewer. Thanks to Daniel Too for the awesome utility!
The Draft You can use the small icons on the upper right to either view all cards I drafted, jump to specific picks or zoom in and out on a card by clicking on it. All my comments will be displayed automatically when you choose “next pick”. I hope you enjoy the result and please let me know if you want to see more like this. If you have any questions or comments feel free to comment below. Be assured I am listening!

[Editor's note: We apologize, but this video content is no longer available on MTGO Academy. --PlanetWalls]

  1. Very cool plug in, each pick with an explanation of why it was picked is very nice.

  2. You are almost as lucky as I am! I’d prefer to see a deck construction video or a deck list after the draft viewer. :)

  3. Round 2 game 2, you cast Lethargy Trap and block his Shepherd of the Lost with your Jagwasp Swarm and let in the Hookmaster. Why didn’t you block the Shepherd with the Tern and Pilgrim’s Eye, and the Hookmaster with the Swarm?

  4. Good catch, peetee! I should have done that. I guess I just overlooked it while playing.

  5. nice videos what bugs me a bit is that you talk as if you dint know what happens in the game but you played them already…

  6. I usually try to record live but couldn’t this time due to background noises. I guess I just felt that it does not matter much to comment “as if.”
    I am going to record live again whenever I can and will make sure to change the comment style when replaying games. Thanks for the feedback :-)

  7. Match 2 Round 1 I would probably have attacked with all 3 vampires, because the first strike damage would turn on the Guul Draz and you’d have a good chance of killing him next turn. (Of course, he had Searing Blaze so it didn’t really matter, but still.)

  8. Hello Rowan,

    I felt that the risk was higher then the reward. Red has usually a bunch of hasters and I just did not want to increase his outs considerably to finish the game right there. He was holding two cards and it’s quite possible that one of them was a Crusher Zendikon or another haster such as Akoum Battlesinger that he kept because of the first striker on board. It did not matter much as you pointed out but I am not sure if I wouldn’t make the same decision again there…

  9. If he had Crusher Zendikon he would have just suited it up with the Kitesail and killed you no matter what.

    But you are right that he might have some kinda haste guy, so I would actually just swing with the Guul Draz and the Hexmage and leave the Blood Seeker back to block.

  10. Good point. I could have played tighter there. I did not remember the situation that well so I checked the video again and agree with your suggestion.