Blast from the Past: TSE Draft with Plejades!

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Won the final against a black/red deck with a lot of removal. Unfortunately Camtasia ate my recording. Sorry!

  1. Boo! I “saved” the finals to watch during lunch, and then I click it and no video pops up! Alas, such is the nature of our digital age. Orim’s prayer really dominated and saved your bacon in both the first and second matches. That brought back good memories as I used to love that card.

    Did prayer play a big role in the third match as well?

  2. Hello RoninX,

    sorry for the missing final. I was recording it live and Camtasia screwed up the last part of the video and audio. I actually tried to redo it by using replays but even there something went wrong :-(
    The final was a bit strange as he used a lot of time to play Mind Peel with buyback and lost valuable time while I was beating down with shadow creatures. Orims Prayer really shines against aggro strategies and I would always play the card if I am heavy White. Our video editor, Matt, told me that the problems might be due to not sufficient disk space and after I cleaned my hard drive I hope my next video will be working out fine.

  3. Behold, the Ox’s finest disciple doling out brutal victory victoriously! Nice video, indeed!

  4. I love watching older draft formats
    its hard to find videos of them though lol
    Love the videos thx for reposting

  5. Wasteland at UC, Lotus Petal at C add a lot to the value. Hopefully a ton of wastelands get cracked and drop its value!

  6. Remember this set is like ZZW. Slow deck or miss a land and youre basically gona lose. Horned Turtle is rather good like Hatchling. First Strike is a plus. Anything 3+ toughness is good.
    Black and Blue has the best uncommon in Exodus while White has the best Common and Uncommons in Stronghold while white is kinda weak in Tempest. Conviction is a fine aura since you can return it to ur hand. Enjoy.
    A bot refilled on Tempest boosters so I bought them all. Check bots for Tempest also just in case they refill unexpectedly.

  7. Hi there,

    good to see you draft aswell. I gotta say though that TSE is quite the boring format. Nonetheless you seemed to know what you we’re doing at any given point and I’m looking format to learn more from you in the future.

    Lastly: may I ask where your accent is from?
    Sounds German to me :)

  8. Hello eXXa,

    I am originally from Croatia but spent a lot of my professional time in Germany. So it’s probably a weird mix of Croatian/German English :-)
    I do hope I am easy to understand nonetheless.

  9. Not really hard to understand you at all honestly, but I still get a chuckle out of the way you say “Vampires” =P That is probably that German influence =)

  10. Why not record video of the replays of the finals? If the games are not showing up in My Games, you can manually add them to the “.mygames” file in C:\Users\username\appdata\Roaming\Wizards of the Coast\Magic Online\3.0.

    Of course, that means you have to write down the games numbers as you play. Kind of a pain.