Limited Resources: A Look Back at Avacyn Restored Draft

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  1. Why even bother taking black cards if youre not taking one of the best black cards when it appears (Homicidal seclusion)

  2. I match 1 you had the win on board for several turns if you had played the Bloodflow-guy. He could’ve sacked himself and whatever creature he blocked and the unblocked one would be lethal :)

  3. well that first game of round 2 was…how to put that…let’s say that…is worth to note that…no…is rather interesting that…jeeeezz…

    Sorry, I just can’t find the right words

  4. In M3G1 you could have taken out Heirs of Stromkirk by enchanting them with Ghoulflesh, making them black in the process, which would have allowed you to block them. Well, no use crying over spilled milk. Nice games, especially M2G1 was a real nailbiter.

  5. This is such a synergy-dependent format, and for that reason, black/white is so wretched. There’s an extremely grindy b/w control deck, but you have to prioritize picks in a weird way. White’s 2-drops are useless in the deck, and Defang is terrible, so you’re basically just playing white for the angels (Voice of the Provinces is at its best) and black for the removal and blockers. I don’t know if you were in a good seat for that deck, but you would have needed to make several picks differently, starting with Executioner over Farbog Explorer pick 3.

    Signals weren’t strong in that first pack, but I think you were in an overall better position for black/red (which is awesome if you commit to it) or just red/white humans. I always took Kruin Strikers as a signal and that policy usually worked out pretty well. It’s hard to give up either a Dark Imposter or a Seraph, but Avacyn Restored packs are so thin, you get rewarded for staying tight on the signals.

  6. I don’t think you should be so sore about losing to the lifegain and enchantment removal. This format is so short on playables and can be so grindy if you don’t win early, that I could believe those spells were reasonable choices for the last two slots in a deck with a lot of powerful cards.

  7. Brendan makes a good point. Neither one of those cards is a terrible maindeck in this format. Plenty of games are decided by Homicidal Seclusion or equipment on a Wandering Wolf, and with a lack of creature removal, you need to be able to cope with that sort of thing. The hexproof card is a harder sell, but decks that have powerful, slow cards can use it to protect their individual threats while racing the fast g/u and r/w decks.

    And incidental life gain is fine in a format where Thatcher Revolt can 17 you on turn 5. You don’t want to just lose before you find your own deck’s broken combo.

  8. I always go straigjht to round 3 to see if you won, because I only watch drafts that are 3-0. And you failed me here to 3-0 for the first and lest time Sutclif.

  9. kezzerdrix: do you only watch 3-0 drafts because you have never managed one yourself? That’s a pathetic attitude to take considering how good Marshall’s drafts are, from both a watching and learning perspective.

  10. Kezzerdrix trolls on the posts. Just trying to get a rise out of everyone. Just ignore all the posts by him/her that are antagonistic.

    It was a good draft. That format was is so swingy, with most cards are mediocre with a few bombs that can turn a losing match into a win immediately.

  11. that was an incredible g2m3 – people dismiss this format, but that was one hell of a limited game.

  12. Moorland inquisitor over homicidal seclusion was reeeeeally bad, man. Seclusion is just a bomb- wins games by itself and is tough to remove. And its not difficult at all to make sure you only have one creature in play. It’s pretty much the reason to go black.

    Also, I forgive you cuz its been awhile, but take the word “wheel” out of your vocabulary when you play AVR. This is the land of “wait I only have 21 playables!?!”. Nothing wheels.

  13. Marshall – i love watching your videos but thinking homicidal seclusion would likely wheel? It’s a first pick windmill slam!

  14. Hey Marshall, loved the draft.
    However, I was wondering why you thought in M3G1 @4:50 it was going all in on the angel if you had cloudshifted and traded off the geist?

    If you had cloudshifted the geist, and then traded with the wandering wolf, he currently has no creatures on the board that can deal with angel, only 2 cards in hands and no draw steps between, and the angel would have been a 5/5, making it a) lethal without him gaining life, and b) able to attack into any possible creature he could play to block it (still netting you 5 life).

    The assumption here being that if he has a way to deal with your 5/5 angel, then he can also deal with the 2/4 angel, leaving you with only your geist – and that is a race you were not going to be able to win regardless, so you might have just as well gone for the win with the lowest amount of resources he could have at his disposal (2 cards maximum).

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