Limited Resources: A Pick is Worth a Thousand Words

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  1. Pack 4, Pick 1 passing an Artisan of Kozilek in favour of a Dread Drone? Edit: Pick 4, Pack 1

  2. This video has some of the best draft commentary I’ve seen. Keep it up!

  3. Great videos! You guys should definatly do more of these.
    That double bombardment made me spill my beer all over the desktop lol

  4. Great videos and commentary during the games. Looking forward to the next episode!

  5. Great commentary guys! Really really good. You explain your picks well, and are entertaining too. :)
    Pretty sure I’d have ended up with roughly the same deck as you, obv with a teacher instead of a spider umbra :p

    Nice one lads.

  6. *guy above means pack 1 pick 4 not the other way around
    Yeah thats awfully weird, it looked like you right clicked the teacher… but it autopicked the umbra
    Also I agree with artisan over dread drone so early, as you can always drop blue and pick up the ramp strategy. also with a removal heavy UB build, artisan is a fine finisher and induce-enabler

    perish is a pretty solidcard. and your deck would in no way want tokens other than to sac for mana.

    you went way off track in pack 3, i agree with the dragonlord because it is almost your whole draft if you sell it. after that, just give up on red…you already have 2-3 colors depending on if you splash white for guard duty and hartebeest.

    you ended up with a playable black red, but I think you would have been more solid with good blue picks

    r1 opponent was mana screwed in that he had only 4 mana the whole game, after drawing 1 extra card off prism and 2 off survival cache, however, if he didnt have a 3 color deck he probably could have destroyed you. there was like a pick 11 snake umbra during the draft… not to mention the green and blue invokers and ondu giants that were being passed around pretty late

  7. great content, very helpful and entertaining.

    keep up the good work.

    would love to see more of these :)

    thx. :)

  8. This was awesome. Whiny opponents who play poorly make it even more fun to watch

  9. Very entertaining and way to flush out your 2nd color in the 3rd pack! You guys sounded great and your pick choices were explained very well. I’m looking forward to your next vid.

    Awesome way to kill 3 hours!

  10. Great stuff guys ! Its so much more enjoyable when there is 2 people discussing the cards. Even more when those 2 people are my favorite mtg podcasters!

    Kind of scary how modo gave the spider umbra while you had the teacher selected. at least it seems the teacher is selected.

  11. Thanks for the good feedback guys.

    Ya I right-clicked that Teacher and somehow got the Umbra out of the deal.. this has basically never happened to me, very strange. The lag was pretty bad, much worse than usual though so that might have had something to do with it.

    @aznsilly: You said that we went off track in P3 and could have taken more solid blue cards, but what would you have done differently? Also, saying that someone could have crushed us is pretty much assumed I think ;)

  12. I thought giving up blue was a HUGE mistake (though I do think picking Dragonlord was ‘correct’), as both Domestication and Narcolepsy are first-pick quality cards and giving them up seemed like an odd choice. Of course it worked out very well, but that’s not important to whether the choice was right or not (imo).
    I also like the Artisan quite a bit, but it’s quite possible I just like Eldrazi too much and not picking him was the correct choice.

    Very, very fun vids to watch though, I had a great time and would love to see more content like this. I love draft vids and this was definitely one of the better ones I’ve seen. Great stuff!

  13. Thanks for the comments everyone, we’ll be recording another one this week sometime.

    P1P4 Artisan is a totally legit pick. Just felt effectively green, but it was definitely the most powerful card in the pack.

    Re: Teacher/Spider Umbra: Not only did we have Venerated Teacher ctrl-clicked, but the draft recorder file actually says we picked it! I’ve never seen ctrl-click work according to the draft recorder but not work in the draft itself. Maybe due to lag b/c of recording? Not sure.

    @Aznsilly: “Just give up on red” after the dragonlord you say, but lay out what your picks would have been in pack three on that plan. It’s not like we took the dragonlord, fell in love, and then started passing premium blue cards, we just took what came to us.

    The only time we take a red card over a solid blue card was the second hatcher over a second frostwind invoker. We also take a drone over a frostwind, which I think was clearly correct with our double bloodthrone, and then we take a black invoker over skywatcher adept. Adept is a touch more powerful, but taking the card we are playing for sure makes up for the power difference there IMO.

  14. @Zage: you are correct that it is the decision that matters not the result, but as posed to Aznsilly: what are you taking pack three, and what does your final build look like? If you want to get a couple more frostwind invokers over the red cards and a skywatcher adept instead of the black invoker you can, but you are then trading synergy for power. That last pack was just not friendly for blue, and put us in an awkward spot, but I like the synergistic red build we ended up with way more than I would have liked the BU deck we would have had if we’d stuck stubbornly to blue. The power of narco and domestication would have come at the cost of a terrible low end with too many frostwind invokers and several cantrip fillers…

  15. Would it be possible for these to be posted on YouTube or some other site as well as MTGO Academy, or are you under some sort of agreement with them? Academy’s videos have a tendency to randomly freeze up and crash my browser.

    Also I disagree that the Artisan is essentially a Green pick. At that point you were UB, so probably going Grixis control. Generally when I draft that archetype I end up with plenty of removal and multiple ways to recur it, as well as enough guys to clog up the board. It’s always finishers that I end up in need of. Artisan is definitely solid there, and completely castable in a controlling deck that’s probably going to want to run a Dread Drone or two and a Hedron as well as possibly an Essence Feed. In Grixis I’m a big fan of taking finishers whenever available, because unlike Green Ramp, it doesn’t have many opportunities to grab them outside of the Rare slot, which is pretty unreliable. You can probably grab a Crusher later, but in general I wouldn’t want Crusher+Dread Drone over the choice of Artisan+random card or Artisan+Crusher.

  16. LSV’s videos at ChannelFireball are very good, this video is VeryGood++ !!!
    Cut the burping =)

  17. “Academy’s videos have a tendency to randomly freeze up and crash my browser.”

    I had this exact same problem and had to stop watching midways in 1st match Game 1.

  18. @Godot: Sadly, MTGOAcademy doesn’t let me pick a point in the video to watch, so I’d have to leave it running for 20 minutes to see the packs.
    I remember thinking the same thing you guys were, that the red was pretty good and there wasn’t a lot of blue. But I just wouldn’t have been able to get away from those blue cards, and going with red surely would mean that because -as you both rightly said- a 3-colour concoction with no fixing would have been terrible.

    Without viewing the vid again I can’t be sure on what you passed up on, but even thinking of the cards you already had (from memory narco, domestication, sea gate oracle, frostwind invoker and 1 or 2 more), they aren’t that terrible. All those cards are very maindeckable, some pretty great even.

    Anyway like I said, it worked out well and I suppose I might be too attached to my earlier picks. I find it very hard to get away from early picks and have a hard time reading clear signals because I always fear they picked a foil or whatnot and I like to ‘play it safe’. I guess this vid (and the comments) are a good lesson to me =)

    Great to hear you’re planning another vid this week!

  19. @Norway: lol, we thought MTGOAcademy would cut the ol’ mic check! No burping in future videos. :)

    Sorry about the browser crash! We can’t in good faith post our videos elsewhere, and if we could, to do so would mean chopping them up into 10-minute lengths for youtube, etc., which is, you know, work and stuff. Not gonna happen.

    You might report your issue to the admins here. Maybe because they *aren’t* in ten-minute lengths, it’s doing some cache/RAM-chewing thing as the video goes long? I don’t know, I’m obv not very high tech.

    Thanks for the comments, high praise to be compared favorably to LSV’s vids!

  20. @Zage: I was able to jump to pack three, I just hit play, paused, let it buffer a bit, and then clicked ahead. You just can’t click to where it hasn’t buffered.

    The picks I described were really it, though. The three places to take a blue card that wasn’t just obviously too weak to be the pick were frostwind vs. hatcher, frostwind vs. dread drone, and skywatcher vs. black invoker. We really weren’t looking to bail on narco and domestication (nothing else was a real factor for deciding to stay in blue), but the picks were what they were…

  21. Zage, while they might have had some good cards in Blue, you also have to look at what their deck would be. Had they taken the Blue picks and gone Blue they would have ended up with a sort of Grixis Control deck that’s light on removal and has no way to recur that removal, with only a Crusher as a finisher. While going Black Red had them definitely running weaker cards, it gave them a solid game plan and clear route to victory.

    Ultimately it comes down to the fact that with UB they would have had a solid pile of cards. With BR they had a fairly mediocre deck. Some formats (core sets, I’m looking at you) reward the former. But Rise is incredibly archetype oriented and is all about having a synergistic deck, making the BR build clearly superior in my eyes.

  22. @Suedars: I didn’t have the precognitive powers to foresee all those good red cards coming like, from your comment, I assume you did. I agree they ended up with a better deck by going red, but as said, it’s not about the result.

    I’m fine with dropping it now though, no further need for anyone to point out to me that the deck turned out well. I saw (and greatly enjoyed) the vid and it’s results.

  23. A quick question, I’m not sure its been brought up. But how DID you guys get mtgo running on a MAC? I know most people will just install a windows OS, but that usually will just end up making it a windows…so defeating the idea of playing on a MAC.

    Also. Its great watching experts get forced into situations many of us will face with picks drying up, or unplayable colors, and making a winning deck out of it. Hope to see more!

  24. R3g2: when you induce the bolderfoot, it seems better to me to scorpion the leveler rather than play the hatcher. this leaves him with exactly nothing but the top of his deck.

    To be fair, leaving him with nothing but the top of his deck and a caravan escort… still pretty good.

  25. You guys have a great dynamic, and the banter is very informative and entertaining. In addition you both seem to be very skilled players, the late switch to red showed an excellent understanding of ROE. The combo of entertainment and information is something you don’t see in many draft videos, kudos.

  26. I have to also echo the MTGO videos doing screwy things to my browser. Sometimes if I go full screen for too long it completely removes my ability to come out of full screen or pause or do anything with the video, so I am forced to close the browser in order to continue. And then there is the issue that o get back to that place in the video I have to click play, click pause, and then wait half an hour… I don’t see whats wrong with just inlining YouTube videos on the site…

    Forgetting all that though!
    These videos were awesome, I much prefer the 2 player dynamic of them and I think it came across really well. Seeing the spider umbra getting picked and then your reactions about 4 picks later was hilarious and the banter during the games is fun as well. There are a few picks I personally would have done differently I think, but considering I never even come close to drafting a good deck and you guys managed to destroy with what seemed like average cards means I am probably wrong =D

  27. Starting from the pick after the dragonlord. I would go for null champion or bloodlord over the hatcher. Null champion is a good 2 drop, especially because your deck (in a UB version has only bloodthrone vampires as creatures) . next pick probably a chariot, or maybe eel umbra. The chariot is good on your skyscout or 3 cadaver imps. The skywatcher adept is the best blue common, and your deck has no one drops so it’s great of course all the levelers would have been better if you had gotten the venerated teacher earlier. Then invoker over hatcher, then probably the skittering invasion or contaminated ground. It is actually pretty good if you pick up a few of them. After that you get passed a super late venerated teacher which I would take over bombardment. The main problem I have for the deck is that I felt you had plenty of good blue cards already, and you switch that for stuff like 2 raid bombardments a wrap in flames and a brood birthing, with only 2 bloodthrone vampires to really abuse tokens.

    When I said he could have destroyed you, it was not to say that your deck ended up terrible or that you guys are bad, but the way the games started, his starts had a lot of potential to beat you if he had had a 2 color deck instead of 3 colors with some bad cards. There were a lot of good green and blue cards that you guys saw late.
    If going red looked better, pack 2 had an early flame slash and a pretty late hellion eruption which would have been very good in your deck, but you wanted to stay with blue and I think narcolepsy and domestication are great reasons, as well as deprive. I originally thought that it would have been good to splash for hartebeest between your guard duty and narcolepsy and domestication, though you ended up with no fixing so the way that is a much riskier splash (though much stronger imo)

  28. Regarding video crash issue: you may want to check your viewing parameter/clear your cache. I have never once had this issue, nor has the handful of devout viewers with whom I have spoken before making this post. It may be something on your end, unless this is a recent issue. Either way, we will gladly investigate.

  29. I have actually had the “right click” then Modo takes something else happen to me before. I have also had a car to picked and “turn into something else”. I believe this may be an uncommon glitch.

  30. “Regarding video crash issue: ….. viewing parameter/clear your cache.”

    TY, worked like a charm !

  31. @Aznsilly
    “The main problem I have for the deck is that I felt you had plenty of good blue cards already, and you switch that for stuff like 2 raid bombardments a wrap in flames and a brood birthing, with only 2 bloodthrone vampires to really abuse tokens.”

    In addition to Bloodthrone Vampire, he has Raid Bombardment and Ulamog’s Crusher, which are both great ways to abuse tokens. You keep saying “they won with bad cards” but bad is VERY subjective in this format. Brood Birthing is bad in a Grixis Mnemonic Wall deck, but in a tokens deck it does its job just fine. I agree that Wrap in Flames is subpar compared to the Skittering Invasion they passed though.

  32. Anzsilly exists to resist. Let him have his “notes” and soapbox and maybe one day he will grace us with content of of his own. Until then, I will gladly donate my screenname (so many trolls), as sure he is more deserving of it than I.

  33. Seems to me like he just answered a question Godot asked him, giving his opinion about the draft picks.

  34. I did my best to answer the question that they asked me, without saying that my way is so much better or that theirs was terrible. they won the draft, and I just thought that they had a perfectly good UB deck going with the cards they had up to the 3rd pack, and got quite lucky to pull together the BR version in the 3rd pack. But I liked watching the videos, it was an interesting way to spend 2 hours +

    @lord of texas: brood birthing is not as good in this deck in my opinion because it costs 2, and he has 4 5cc token makers and nothing else (1 pawn of ulamog which may make tokens) so he would be playing it turn 6 at the earliest for 3 tokens, at which point I think it does not help unless you are playing a game you are already winning. of course it helped in one of the matches and that’s fine, just that I don’t think that situation comes up often enough. The raid bombardment + crusher plan is counterproductive as they have different uses. anyway, you’re right the raid bombardment abuses tokens. the crusher merely uses tokens for what they were designed to do (so it’s not really abuse).

    @ travis: I would love to make content, if you would provide me with a nice computer and the necessary software, and probably tickets for whatever I need (I envy your 52,000 card collection really I do). I make plenty of good nice comments without criticism, but you are only focusing on the ones where I present criticism (and I don’t make the claims for no reason, at least I try to explain my reasoning)

  35. One of the main things I’m hearing from the “you should have stuck to blue” crowd is that we got lucky for the BR deck to come together like it did. I don’t disagree, but my main observation is that the BU deck we would have ended up with had the BR deck *failed* to come together would not have been that much worse that the BU deck we would have had we never strayed from it. Really, it was the P3P2 Hatcher and the P3P3 Staggershock that led us to risk a move to red, and to take those cards, we passed up on a Null Champion and a Warmonger’s Chariot for the BU deck.

    From there it becomes harder to speculate on “what if the red plan fell apart?” because it gets into the realm of alternate pack realities. If no other red beyond the first hatcher and the Staggershock had come our way and the move to red failed miserably, well, what were our options instead in that reality? The only thing we can say for sure that we missed out on for BU by risking red cards were the champ and the chariot.

    Magic has many risk-reward decisions in drafting and during play, and that was one of them. It felt worth it to Marshall in particular to risk a null champ and a chariot to move into a more-cohesive deck, and I supported him on it, particularly when that Staggershock hit. Had I been drafting alone, I’m not even sure what I would have done in the face of the P3P2 hatcher. Magic drafting has a lot of whim to it, too, frankly…

    @Aznsilly: It’s disingenuous to say, “The main problem I have for the deck is that I felt you had plenty of good blue cards already, and you switch that for stuff like 2 raid bombardments a wrap in flames and a brood birthing.” That’s ridiculous, and suggests that we bailed on blue to pounce on some narrow red cards. We switched the good blue for the dragonlord, the hatcher, and the Staggershock, which is a pretty fair deal in terms of power.

  36. “@Aznsilly: It’s disingenuous to say, “The main problem I have for the deck is that I felt you had plenty of good blue cards already, and you switch that for stuff like 2 raid bombardments a wrap in flames and a brood birthing.” That’s ridiculous, and suggests that we bailed on blue to pounce on some narrow red cards. We switched the good blue for the dragonlord, the hatcher, and the Staggershock, which is a pretty fair deal in terms of power.”

    Sorry, I don’t mean it that way. I know you have good red cards too, but my point was that by moving to red so that you could include the good red cards (particularly the dragonlord which is very red intensive), you had to some red cards that are not very good (yes it is situationally good in a tokens deck). I think the greatest part of your deck is the 3 cadaver imps as it allows you to have many more virtual copies of the vampires and token makers, which ended up working well for you.

    You switch 3 solid creatures and 1 good removal for 1 good removal (narcolepsy) and 3 solid creatures (adept, frostwind invoker, and the skyscout). Then comes wrap + brood birthing + raid bombardments vs the other stuff like 2 (domestication/deprive) of the 4 best blue answers to things in general (narcolespy being in already, and regress being the 4th), sea gate oracle, null champion and probably a chariot.

    Anyway, my original comment was that I think you went offtrack in pack 3, and would have had a more solid UB deck had you not picked the red cards (except for the dragonlord which I wholeheartedly accept). I understand you had a great result and the deck itself turned out to be pretty playable, but that doesn’t change the fact that I think you went offtrack.
    Also, I don’t argue that magic presents many risk-reward decisions, and I know that magic is quite luck based, but I thought that the UB version would have been better because the elements were already there before you started branching out into the red that might have not been there.

  37. I can just say what everyone said on this one: very well done draft video.
    High quality all around and especially great drafting + playing skills.
    On the same level with LSVs vids, one might say.

    Maybe you could file a report on the spider umbra incindent.
    It didn’t cost you this time, but it very well could have.
    But I gotta say: it was kind of funny seeing you guys not noticing it for quite some time and then your sudden surprise =D

  38. Awesome vid. Great banter and a fun and awesome deck, more of these please. Also, RotE is a sweet format due to decks like these, “crap” cards for other decks, Bloodthrone Vampire and Cadaver Imp are MVPs in this deck. Please don’t do M11 vids over cool stuff like this. Ty =)

  39. This is so awesome. My two favorite resources on magic are LSV’s vid’s, and Limited Resources. So keep it up! You guys are genius teachers, and though I love the long form podcast, these are super entertaining! What makes channelfireballs vid’s so good, (besides LSV) is that they release at least 1 a week. So I keep checking back at that site. So getting on a regular weekly release schedule for these would really be amazing! – Im totally down this supporting this site, cuz I already was checking it for Travis’s videos, but ever think of adding the video’s to the podcast feed too? Anyways can’t wait for more… either one of you solo would be fine too. Your both badass’s.

  40. Awesome work guys, looking forward to seeing more. Also, I’m giving myself props for both naming the video and making the custom playmats Marsh uses. I’ll be sure to hook him up with my full art Eldrazi cards before the next vid.

  41. Very nice video, well discussed. There were some minor misplayes (like in M3G2, why not killing the caravan with the scorpion), but all in all the deck works itself. Of course the draws were nice, but as Magic is a cardgame, some luck is needed.

    But apparently you were not aware of the raw power of the RB token deck, which is, what you experienced, very good with a bunch of imps, vampires, pawn(s) and raid bombardments. These cards are the key of the deck. Fill it up with removal (abundant in RB) and tokenmakers (and yes, broodbirthing is really a very solid 23th card) and you’re set to win the draft.
    The key cards are not really used in other archtypes, so you can draft it pretty consistenly.

    But really nice done, good quality, really looking forward to more of those.

  42. Yeah, not using the scorpion on the escort was a classic overconfidence misplay. It felt like we had the game locked up at that point so we hastily played through that turn without proper consideration of our options. Fortunately we were correct that the game was locked up, but it was a sloppy play.

    You guys want more ROE, or M11? If M11, sealed or draft?


  43. First of all, Great job on the videos, can’t wait to be following you guys on your bi-weekly updates. I think M11 would be the way to go. And the first one should be draft. Draft is just more skill intensive IMO and I think its something that we can really benefit from by watching your videos.

    This actually made me want to start recording my MTGO drafts with my friends…

    OH and one more question, How are you guys running MTGO on a Mac? Are you just using a PC emulator?


  44. Throwing away spawn tokens for damage seems suboptimal when you have raid bombardment in your deck. Also it makes blocking a lot harder for him when you have a ton of tokens on the board. I’m talking specifically about Match 1 Game 2.

    Even though your deck looks like a bunch of mediocre cards, there’s a lot of synergy there and it makes for a potent deck.

  45. This is the most entertaining draft vid i have seen. However I would like a lower resolution b/c I have a slow internet connection.

  46. Great draft, wasnt able to see more than the draft section though, cause the resolution was just to high for my old crappy pc… maybe for the next draft you could upload an additional lower res version if possible? Loved the Spider Umbra excident btw. ;)

  47. Ok, just tried the play vids again and they weren’t nearly as bad on my pc as the draft video. Strange…
    Anyway, the games were fun and I think your deck wasn’t as bad as you made it sound. BR-tokens is one of my favorite archetypes in Rise.

  48. Hey guys, I like your podcast, it’s one of the 3-4 that are actually listenable in terms of quality hosts and acceptable production value.

    I would like to see some M11 drafts, although I know you guys think it’ll be boring (scry notwithstanding lol.) I am VERY interested in seeing some sealed deck videos, as I’m not experienced with that format and there aren’t nearly as many of those vids out there for me to learn how people approach deck building in sealed.

  49. Nice video, and amazing you switched gears so late and that it worked so well, which was nice to see. If you had known what you were drafing earlier, you would have had a Flame Slash and Hellion Eruption, and plenty of opps to grab a Red Invoker, who would be good in your deck but might not have had room for him due to quality at that point. If you’d known you’d have ended up with another hatcher, the Splinter Twin over Dread Drone would have been pretty fiesty in your deck, which would have had 3 imps and 3 token makers to abuse it.

    good call on Bloodthrone Vampire over Distortion Strike pick ;) I think Goblin Tunneler would have been at his best in this deck, definitely over Brood Birthing

  50. Nice video – I’m a regular with Limited Resources and the videos are a great addition.

    There’s a good lesson there – draft the best you can, then afterwards focus on playing the deck you’ve got – not the one you wished you would have drafted.

    I can’t figure out why so many MTGO players have to be so rude on line. Plaing in person 90% of the people are nice and its fun even at Grand Prixs. But on line it seems like most people act really rude. Every game, especially if I lose, I make a point of telling them I like this or that about t heir deck, they played really well – tell them “well done” when they make a good play. Just do anything I can to help foster a more nice, enjoyable community on line.

    I’d liketo see M11 as well – whatever is in season during the PTQ season would be great.

  51. ROE is always entertaining to watch, but I would also be interested in M11, preferably sealed. I hear alot of players talk about how different sealed is from draft, but I’ve never really noticed.

    Love the podcast, great videos too. keep it up!

  52. Good stuff. great commentary!

    Quick question – what version of windows are you running on top of Parallels? I am a mac and my wife is a PC and she is getting quite annoyed b/c I am always on her computer on MoDo!

    and stop trashing that deck!!! it was a good tokens deck with a couple of win conditions (hard to do in RoE drafts)

  53. Nicely done!

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for quite some time and it really has helped me take my game to the next level, so first of all, I would just like to say thanks for all the work, guys. Myself and my play group have loved it and continue to.

    I disagree a little with your final deck. I feel that you should have run wrap in flames over the brood birthing. One of your ways to win is by swinging through with a lethal bloodthrone vampire and wrap helps further that game plan against many archetypes. It also gives you yet another tool/out against low toughness utility creatures. Furthermore, it offers up the potential for card value against decks by playing it post combat after near-lethal has been assigned to creatures that were blocked. All in all, it just offers up a multitude of other options, whereas brood birthing doesn’t do nearly as much. In many cases with this particular deck the birthing isn’t going to help you do a lot more than it would otherwise; you already have multiple ways to make tokens and you aren’t focused on the very swingy Hand of Emrakul plan, so it just doesn’t seem to be quite at it’s best. It does make raid bombardment better and more explosive, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. I think it’s a pretty marginal difference, regardless, but I would probably start the wrap and side it out against the decks where it doesn’t pull its weight.

  54. Great vid, you guys. The double Raid Bombardment made me laugh. :D It’s really remarkable to create a deck with a secondary color made up of cards from the third pack alone and then pilot it to a 6-0 result. Nice.

    A little nitpick about the final seconds of the last game in the third match. Opponent has a tapped 5/5 Escort, a Daggerback and a Soul’s Attendant and you have Crusher, Invoker and Hatcher. You decide to attack with the Crusher (obligatory) and Hatcher, not to lose the Invoker to the Attendant and to keep invoking. Why not play a Scorpion pre-combat to kill her and attack with the whole team. Opponent blocks the Crusher for sure, but you get in for 6 AND improve your board with a 2/3 body AND have mana to spare.

    The game was pretty much wrapped up at that point, but still, I think that that would be a slightly better play.

  55. Also, ROE drafts are great, but there has seriously been too much draft vids lately on the net (between you guys, Conley and LSV) and I haven’t seen anyone do a Sealed vid yet. It would be pretty cool if you made an M11 Sealed vid, since it’s going to be the format of the upcoming PTQ season.

    Also, I guess it does put a bit more emphasis on deckbuilding and that’s what I like to see.

  56. Thanks for all the comments guys, much appreciated :)

    We are pretty sure the next video will be M11 sealed, so look forward to that.

    @OmniSzron Agreed about the Scorpion play, it was superior and we were basically in autopilot at that point I suspect. after having the game close to locked up. Those little things can really come back to bite you though..

  57. Great vid, I’d love to see some M11 draft while it is still a relatively new format, then go back to ROE after M11 has lost it’s luster which shouldn’t take that long. Right now there is a ton of content around the net on ROE draft but still very little on M11.

  58. I enjoyed the video and love your podcast. I draft weekly in person and am getting back into mtgo drafting. I find your advice and commentary useful and thought provoking.

  59. Hahahaha I recently used the fleeting distraction/ Bala Ged scorpion combo against a friend in a sealed. Thank you random mtg player.