Limited Resources: BTT Draft #1

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Born of the Gods is online, so check out the Academy’s first LR Theros draft with the new set!

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  1. Thanks for the videos Marshall! In r1, I’m not sure why you boarded out Sphinx’s Disciple. It seems that he had no way to interact with flyers, and if you could stick it, it would be a real engine, especially after you attrition out his removal.

  2. In round two you sacrifice two tritons and let your wavecrash die to kill a 4/4 chimera. Shouldn’t you either pump the wavecrash with dragon’s mantle, or just sac the tritons before damage? I’m not sure what you are playing around by spending the extra creature.

  3. crypsis seems really good with two kragma butchers in the deck. also, everflame eidolon and dragon mantle make cerberus sooo sweet.

  4. “It seems that he had no way to interact with flyers… after you attrition out his removal.” I’d say removal counts as a way to interact with fliers.

  5. Just FYI, in round 2 when you mentioned that your opponent might bestow an observant alseid onto his god favored general, vigilance from the alseid would have made it impossible to activate inspired. It wasn’t actually a misplay on your part, but I thought I should mention it in case you have that option in a future game.

  6. I kinda felt like you made some less than optimal plays in this draft. It’s not really like you at all. It’s always a pleasure to watch so I’ll let it slide this one time.

  7. Mainly in round 2 game one when your opponent cast Dauntless onslaught while you had the bolt in hand. then loose the creature and kill it in first mainphase the very next turn when you could have killed it in response. It just didn’t feel like drawing the extra card was as important as a 3/3 in that situation.

  8. Bolt is a sorcery, I’m afraid. That said, there were in fact some pretty terrible plays in this draft, M1 G2 in particular was flat out lost by numerous misplays. Passing up good attacks because you’ve decided you’re the control deck, even though your deck really has no high end? Bizzare.

  9. R2G3 allowing yourself to go to 2 life was a big risk as he was running Gods Willing. Lucky top deck would have ended the match. Seemed like a pretty big risk to take given the board state and life totals.

  10. Too much critics. How many people are watching and commenting your movies? Yes, that’s what I though…no one: So shut up and stop pretending you all know better, and if you do, start making your own movies and we’ll see how good you really are: Well played Marshall and as always a pleasure to watch.

  11. When I saw that round 3 was only 10 minutes and his opponent opened with double ordeals I was afraid Marshall was going to get steamrolled.

  12. R2G3 he was attacking with Perplexing Chimera, you blocked with Wavecrash Triton, he pumped it to 4/4 and you threw a Crackling Triton at it. You then waited until after combat to throw the other at it, but you could have either pumped the Wavecrash with Dragon Mantle or thrown the other Crackling before combat.

  13. R1G1 He played heroes downfall to kill you red guy so ember swallower would get through to kill you ( otherwise it wouldn’t be enough)

  14. I think you overvalue kragma butcher, I don’t agree with picking it over the giant or sudden storm. Also, wavecrash isn’t amazing in your deck, I think picking it over the cyclops or the fanatic was a mistake. I feel like this deck just ended up as a bunch of ok 3-drops with no strong aggressive plays and no good high-end stuff worth stalling for – when your biggest creature is a borderland minotaur, you generally don’t want to drag the game out. Not a bad deck but could have been a lot stronger if you’d been more focused on dealing damage. Just my 2c though, love the videos and thanks for posting them!

  15. By the way, having infinite 2/3s makes Curse of the Swine really really good. Think of it as voltron and bomb protection that also takes flying and reach away from your opponents creatures. -Kelly

  16. Wow, I’ve played 100′s of drafts and never noticed the Right click->Undo menu option until you did it in these videos, thanks! Entertaining vids too, thx.

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