Limited Resources: BTT Draft #2

“Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the oftener and the more steadily we reflect on them: the starry Nyx above and Marshall Sutcliffe drafting below.” — Immanuel Kant, Kritik der praktischen Vernunft

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  1. Man blue looked super open pack 1, I was really mad you jumped into white for a WW card for no particular reason. But then I can’t even blame you after you pulled three sweet on-color rares. So unfair! Turned out a pretty sweet deck.

  2. dubble grey merch asp the green black wilds rare agent of the fates would have been sick green black

  3. We’ve seen Marshall play the B/G and U/whatever control decks. I like seeing him show us how to get there with R/W even when the picks and mana distribution are a bit awkward!

  4. Hey Marshall,
    So in r1g1, you actually did take the correct line at the end of that game because of Eye Gouge. That could have kept him alive at 1 if you bolted his hero. Have not seen many people main deck that card but there are a lot of x/1′s in Born/Theros. Eye Gouge is quite good in triple BoTG.

  5. I probably would’ve prioritized Pheregax Giants a little higher with Spiritbender, because repeated tribute is really sweet, but I can’t fault this deck at all. It was sweet. A lot of fun to watch.

  6. I really Kant understand these opening quotes. ;)
    Congrats on the crushing victory! I feel like maybe Black was a better place to be during the draft – the late Pseudamma (which seems like quite a good card to me) looked like a major signal, and it would have been an excuse to get into a deck with better mana. Plus, look at all the Gray Merchants and late Returned Phalanxes you shipped! Those plus your red removal would have made for a sweet controlling deck. You got there anyway, though, so good on you.
    I’m not sure I loved the alpha strike in M1G1? If you had just attacked with the 3/5 Vanguard, he either has to trade it with the Agent, trade it with the 4/3 Hero, chump with the Wingsteed Rider, or take lethal thanks to Valor, all of which are great for you. Sure, you got in an extra point of damage and got a chance to trade your Valor for his Rider, but I don’t think that was worth throwing away your Firebreathing Snarecaster. Maybe having an opportunity to use the scry that turn was just that important? I don’t know.

  7. That kezzerdrix above was an imposter since he came with dead incorrect staements. A release 8/4 draft has the same Vv as a regular one.

    That was bad kezzerdrix impostor and you should feel bad.

    I am proud of you marshall for going back to the nonbeta client.

  8. Don’t create an account and log in before commenting. Account creation and logging in should be boycotted due to its terrible prize structure.

    Seriously, I didn’t even get a booster pack :(

  9. Marshall, you broke your “never concede” motto in match 3 game 1! If you had just played Lagonna-Band Elder, you’d have gained life and been able to trade or chump to stay alive one more turn. The situation was dire, but could’ve come out of it. Even if not, maybe you’d make him show you more cards. At least it didn’t matter anyway :)

  10. @sceptile Blue was open based on what? I saw a Retraction Helix and a Divination, which are quality commons, but still, you can’t say “The guys to the left of you are passing quality blue, they gave up a Divination.” If you get a Siren of the Fanged Coast or a Tromokratis, that’s a signal. But those cards could easily have been what was taken *over* the Divination, in which case Blue would be completely locked out as they tried to fill in that curve.

    What you could say from that pack is that Black was completely unavailable, which is at least suggestive, and that someone hadn’t taken a quality White Uncommon. So *White* was probably pretty open.

  11. Kezzedrix, what’s wrong with prerelease events. They’re an absolute blast. I always look forward to that weekend. Sleep at night during the “insanity” crowded hours, and then play all day.

    They tell you the price ($25) for a prelease box, so it’s not like anyone is getting cheated. It’s also not like anyone is FORCING someone to play.

    Why not just boycott MTG altogether? After all, they’re only selling you cardboard…

  12. Now, I will admit I don’t like the price structure of buying MTGO cards on top of the price of the paper magic cards. So, I do practice drafts online and watch the nice videos by folks like Marshall to learn about deeper/different drafting ideas.

    And I choose not to play online. (Hint to Wizards: I’d happily play for a monthly membership of, say, $15.00 for “all I can eat” drafting. I don’t even care if I get to keep the virtual cards. Still, I wouldn’t call it anything as dramatic as a “boycott” — it is simply a choice.

    Choices are good. As long as no one is being cheated or misled, why would that be a bad thing?

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