Limited Resources: BTT Draft #5

“And how shall I call upon my draft, since, when I call for it, I shall be calling it to myself? and what room is there within me, whither my draft can come into me? whither can the draft come into me, the draft who made heroic and bestow? is there, indeed, O my draft, aught in me that can contain Thee?” — Augustine of Hippo

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  1. Love the videos Marshall, just wondering though:
    Round 1, game 2
    Why did you never trigger the Servant of Tymaret? I mean sometimes you didn’t even attack with it when it seemed like you had a completely open attack with deathtouch, but even when you were untapping it you never paid for the drain. Even when you had large amounts of mana, was it due to the Ashen Rider?

  2. Sam: Servant’s drain does not need to be paid for, it just happens.

    Also, Marshall, you left your dark betrayal in the board in round 3!

  3. Thank you for going bold in p1p1. The 1st pick asphyxiate paid off big time, but I’m kinda bored of watching people pick r/w or w/u aggressive and then realizing in pack 3 that it aint happening. Bold choices get rewarded sometimes :)

  4. Great draft and enjoyable to see this kind of deck (anything with Ashen Rider is funtimes) Just curious about the Forlorn Pseudamma not-pick in p1 – it seems really solid for the type of grindy deck you are building and every time it has seen play in a match I have played it has impressed me – sure, it is fragile… but I find the 1 toughness matters little over 2 or 3, as people just don’t frequently maindeck either Viper’s Kiss or Scouring Sands, and Pseudamma intimidates in a format which has few artifacts and relatively few deep black players due to casting cost requirements on many of the better black commons… I’m curious to hear from an experienced voice why you don’t like it! Thanks for the great content :)

  5. I’m not sure it would have mattered much at that point, but the Asphyxiate on the Black Oak in M3G3 would have removed his ability to trigger Inspire for the Servant.

    I absolutely hate playing against those kind of decks though. Just removal and/or counterspells all day long is super annoying. Let your opponent play the game with you!

  6. More to the point, the Black Oak is the only thing you can Asphyxiate because with the oak in play it’s never killing anything else.

  7. Great content as always, Marshall!

    But talk about boring decks – Round 3 was excruciating to watch. Being pinged away for 1 a turn by a control deck who has an answer for every card you play – blah!

    Just kidding, though, I understand how R/W U/W heroic aggro decks do get boring and they are susceptible to not having enough cards if too many others are heading that way. Nice that you found a way to make B/W a winning deck in BTT.

    Just glad we don’t have as long to wait until the final release is here – just hope it is not as disappointing as Dragon’s Maze was! Wasn’t it fortuitous that
    Modern Masters came along when it did to allow us to move on from DM so quickly?

  8. Marshall, this deck was awesome. One of the times we get to go deep in the set.

    M2G1 – You were deciding what to bestow with observant alseid. Your opponent is at 7 and the flyers are the only relevant part of the board (your ashen rider vs his prescient chimera). If you bestow on the rider you threaten lethal, force a chump block with chimera, and kill him next turn. I think that’s the play.

  9. The last match, last game there were a few misplays, which would probably have turned it around. The Dark betrayal was spent on nothing much, and could have been used to kill the regenerator. Then, voltronning up a dude would have got past the tree, and the game was basically yours.

    Maybe the G2 speedkill gave you to think that this deck is superfast, but against a fast deck, it’s still OK to just voltron with vigilance, and hold back the kill.

  10. In M3G2, wouldn’t a divine verdict in response to the ordeal trigger made the discard 2 cards not happen? If so why didn’t you fire off the verdict back then?

  11. M2G1 you drew the Ashen Rider with Rescue in hand and were at seven cards and had Gary in play. Would a reasonable line of play have been to do nothing for two turns to discard the Ashen Rider to having eight cards in hand. Then on your opponents turn rescue the rider with Gary for a six point drain and a Rider in Play.

    Or does this simply reek of fancy play syndrome. Would love to hear peoples thoughts?

  12. It felt like Bruce hit you hard in M3… the most obvious being the thing Daracaex pointed out. You should have asphyxiated the oak to stop the servant. Wouldn’t have stopped the Overloard, but at least he would have gotten one less harpy. I guess in your head you had scooped the last game a few turns ago? :)

    Great deck! Fun to watch!

  13. The round 3 guy had a sweet deck. I wish more Theros limited had control match-ups, rather than just having a race between broken starts with heroic and friends. Someone above complained about letting opponents play their cards – I feel with control, you are actually interacting way more than with heroic decks. Some uber aggro decks in this format can just goldfish you with unblockable dudes if you stumble a little, and it feels totally uninteractive, and I say this as someone who drafts aggro a lot.