Limited Resources: BTT Draft #6

Marshall returns for another look at the Born-THS-THS draft format. [Insert mutilated quotation by a famous philosopher or religious icon here.]

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  1. Round 1 was probably one of my favourite rounds on Marshalls draft videos for quite some time. Nothing feels quite as good as winning with a deck of STUFF. ..Then the inevitable fall.

  2. Round 1 was the epic battle of the mediocre decks! Thanks for the content even when things don’t go your way!

  3. I was surprised you snap picked Bolt over Satyr Nix-Smith, which I have found to be quite good..

  4. I feel like I should link you to the LRcast about not being married to your first picks… Two Akroan Skyguards and a Hold at Bay is just not good enough to lock you into the RW scrum, and there was a sweet blue deck going around.

  5. When you counted lands you had Temple of Triumph as a red source but not a white. You’re actually running 10 white 8 red sources, instead of the easy 9-9.

  6. He thought about ditching the white but then he got a third or fourth pick elmer in pack 2. But that just confused things because after that, the white dried up completely. The blue at the beginning of pack 2 wasn’t that great. It looked to me that green was the most open color but I’d have to rewatch the draft to see if there was a point late in pack 1 or early in pack 2 he could’ve jumped in to green.
    Since he would be jumping to another color kind of late, I would try to base red and try to pick up 8 to 10 playables in blue or green.

  7. Love the content. R1 G3 seems like the perfect lesson for magic players on bestow… sometimes when you hold your bestow creatures too long, you miss opportunities for extra damage and advantageous blocks. An earlier play of the spearpoint 2/2 creature would have put your opponent far behind much earlier, and made some attacks for him worse on attackbacks or possibility of double-blocks for value. It is interesting to see the other side, too many players play out bestow creatures early instead of holding because they misinterpret the game state as one they need to be aggressive. In this case it hurt to hold the Spearpoint too long.

  8. No offense Marshall but you’ve been whining quite a bit lately. I still tune in to these vids and your podcasts, so I’m still on-board… I just think it’s getting a little out of hand. I realize you don’t like R/W in the BNG/THS/THS, but give us a break with all of the moaning. You’ve done it on the podcast, your vids with Brian, and now on here.

  9. Marshall, Theros is only a source of Torment. While it is too late to draft torment, you can draft the best format of all time. Prove your skills in Time Spiral. We get one week of it every couple years, versus the months of agony already wasted on modern dreck.

  10. Marshall, you sound like a dejected high school football coach talking to second string during an important match. “Satyr Rambler, today’s your day.” Lol

  11. Haven’t watched past the first match yet, but…man…I need a cigarette after that. Stressful!

  12. Bit of a train wreck. It happens to the best of us. Taking white cards over blue cards in the second pack was a big mistake. Even if white was open coming from your left (and Elmer is not a slam dunk signal) you should want to avoid it anyways because RW is a shitty archetype especially when you know you’re going to get cut again in the next pack. Love the content, regardless. The first match was a lot of fun watching your terrible deck squeak out the tightest of wins before getting soundly crushed by an okay green/black deck.

  13. Start forcing mono-green. You still wind up losing, but it’s hilarious to play and draft.

    Great play, lousy deck. It happens. Can’t wait for your next videos and looking forward to you journeying to Nyx.

  14. there was a sick blue green deck going arount you married your self to the red white aggro deck when you said yourself it migt be overdrafted depending that and blue white would have been a great option with that heliod and some fliers and passed up on like 2 or 3 divinations you could have had a sick white blue tempo deck

  15. I’m saddened to see two weeks in a row without the quotes at the top of the feature. We have bowed to the internet terrorists. What a sad day for this site and for my reading/viewing world.

  16. Is it just me or is “Our two Skyguards, the best cards in our deck” right after picking Ember Swallower a bit weird? I mean I can understand that a powerful 6 or 7 drop might be way worse because of curve reasons and all, but Swallower is a pretty insane 4 drop.

  17. A few people have said it already but I think the biggest thing to take away from this is that bad drafts happen, regardless of skill level. Just because you tried something that didn’t work and ended up drafting a pile doesn’t mean you suck. Look back at your draft, find out where you went wrong and try to learn from it.

  18. I love this video!!! I died laughing when you ripped the Sunchaser at the end “That’s just insulting” Awesome content as always.