Limited Resources: Gatecrash Draft #5

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  1. A few thoughts on your deck.

    It pained me to see 2 scorchwalkers sitting in your sb. I think it is correct to play one of them over nightwatch.

    The other card is the +2+2 to the team, which requires 1ww. With all the tricks your deck has and the mana cost it I would have cut that and a plains and ran 16 lands with the above cut as well.

    And even to a greater extent I would play mark of death above the +2+2 pump spells sepcifically for mana reasons only and it is essiently doing the same thing as the pump spell.

  2. oh and the goblin is nuts(not good against everything) … insane with scorchwalkers….
    I feel that in this format, that until your oppenent knows how fast your deck is that being the faster deck is always better. I could see myself starting the goblin then cutting it depend on whether im on the play or draw and wheteher i think that I am racing or not.
    Its like instant battilion sometimes.

    I have found denizen only to be good when I have multiple deinizens and act of treasons.

  3. Hey Marshall thanks for the video’s as usual.

    One thing though that you probably figured out yourself is that your mulligans were very loose the last match.

    game 2, you have 2 lands, and 2 cards which you can cast. With any land draw you can cast 1 more spell, with a plains you curve out fine.
    The only thing that made the hand awkward is the double white, but then again you keep a hand that is imho equally worse, just withouht the double white.

    Mulligan is one of the hardest things in magic, but a 2 lander + 2 castable spells in limited is imho a sure keep.

  4. Hey Marshall,

    Thanks for the content. In M2 why would the Act of Treason save you? He only had 3 cards in his bin. Wouldn’t the Aberration become a 3/3?

  5. In M1G2 you could play around Slice at 10 life. Act of Treason the Pet for RRW, cast Skyjek and Extort for RWW to go to 11, then crash with the team to put him to 9. If Even if this makes him stay home the next turn you have him on the ropes.

  6. Nice deck – I think I have seen enough people play 16 and 15 lands, that your deck seemed a bit too traditional in that way – GC is definitely a set that you can drop your curve low enough to make that reasonable. Drop the Knightwatch and +2+2 and throw back in those cheaper 2 and 3s and go 16 land.

    I also appreciate when you put up a set of videos with decks that don’t quite get there. Unfortunately my play experience is I have my game 1 go like your game 3 here most of the time!

    Also I don’t know if you answer back here with questions, but Simon this week said he has played 50+ GateCrash drafts so far since its release – do you match that number in terms of how much GC drafting you have done? That would also explain why yours and his playing ability far outclasses most of us who usually can only afford 4-5 drafts a week!

  7. I finished listening to LR # 174 just before this episode. Way to tie your themes together, though I am sure that was not the goal. :-)
    Thanks again for another good video and podcast.

  8. M1G2 You weren’t dead to Shadow Slice. You had six mana, case Act of Treason on Kingpin’s Pet, the cast Skyjek and extort with the one white mana you have left putting you at 11. The best he could have done was 10 (2 from pet, 2 from spy, 6 from slice) so you could have played around it and put yourself out of range.

  9. @Lame maybe if you watched the whole draft and listened to his opinions on picks you might learn something.

  10. Personally, I stopped watching when the little owl thing came down from the top of the screen. Owls are scary.

  11. I know. Gruul Charm is far and above better than Halbediers. Stopped watching after that.

  12. I hate it when people dont watch the whole thing because they disagree with an early pick. I have learnt a lot from watching people with different play styles from mine, i draft like marshall so dont often get it here, but travis woo often makes picks and decks i cringe at then i love watching the wins he takes and i learn from it.

  13. @apricio I like having the one Knight Watch over the 2nd Scorchwalker quite a bit. I am running 17 lands with this deck and getting to 5 mana is not hard at all. 2 2/2 knights with vigilance is a lot more versatile than a 5/1. I have no issue with the +2+2 spell you mentioned, and I can’t figure out why you think that card is comparable to Mark for Death in any reasonable way.

    I don’t like Hellraiser Goblin very much, and prefer to start it in the sideboard and bring it in where it’s really good. I definitely don’t agree that the card is “nuts”.

    @Fluxx I think calling my mulligans “very loose” in that last match is a bit strong. I don’t even agree with the one you brought up. Sure, I can cast 2 Skinbrand Goblins, not the worst ever but pretty close. Any white or red/white spell I draw is dead until I hit at least one plains and even then I have a double-white spell in hand. The hand I ended up keeping is not relevant to the decision you referenced. You have to remember to separate out the decisions based on what we knew at the time. I decided to mulligan that first hand based on the contents of the hand, not based on what I drew in my following hand. I think it’s close, I could have kept but decided not to this time.

    @ownage77 Thanks, I liked it too :)

    @s2 I don’t remember the exact situation,but yes you are right that if I had Act of Treason’d his guy it would have been smaller for me than for him. Good call, I wish I could have made it relevant on the video :)

    @capntopdeck Ah yeah you are correct, thanks for pointing it out.

    @frizzell66 I find that people often don’t play enough lands, and I feel like curving out with this deck is important enough to warrant 17. I’m sure I could have gotten away with 16 here, but generally I prefer to err on the side of too many lands, rather than not enough.

    About how many drafts I’ve done, I have done 47 of them online, plus however many live, probably like 20?

    @neil Ha that was unintentional, but cool :)

    @asmodan correct, thanks for pointing it out

    @billthecat I usually just ignore, it’s easier that way :) (good comment though)

    @cheftony No, Gruul Charm does not get any love P1P1, it’s not even on the radar.

    @someoneorother but owls bring knowledge and feathers

    @jim Couldn’t agree more Jim. I play my style, and even if it doesn’t match every viewers, they can join me on my mini-journey and see if we both can’t learn something from it. Baffles me too man.

    @jim not sure what happened here lol

  14. I think match 2′s confusion is just the opponent misclicking or just plain bad play… funny to see marshall get really confused by opponents not playing as perfectly as he does.

    @lame, gruul charm wins games if you are in gruul, but it is definitely not p1p1. you need 20 red and green creatures before picking it.

  15. You need 20 red and green creatures before picking it?

    Not sure if you understanding drafting, the GTC format, or MtG in general…

  16. I agree with your assertion knight watch after testing it out my own vigilince in this format is way better than any other in recent memory.

    +2+2 spell: I feel the only time thats going to be cast is when alpha-ing with the team. Im comparing it to mark with death in sense that it gives your team evasion. But without the double ww mana restriction.

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