Limited Resources: Gatecrash Draft #7

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  1. In round 2 at 4:15 if you attacked with everybody you could’ve pinged the Charger with Bomber and it would’ve meant his Charger could only chump Veteran

  2. Rubblehulk was an easy pick over the madcap skills, You just take the most powerful cards the first few picks.

  3. Your round 1 opponent kinda had you in the bag in that second game, since you didn’t hit your lands. Fortunately, he just had no idea how to attack at all.

  4. M2G1 Love how your opponent Aetherises you instead of freely eating two of your three attackers and blocking the third.

  5. I think the madcap skills was a fine pick over rubblehulk. I think he’s fine, but the deck Marshall was building wanted the skills more. One of the better drafts I’ve seen from you Marshall. I think this format is less about just being ‘aggressive’ in the vanilla sense, than it is about drafting a synergistic and cohesive deck that interacts well within itself. I can certainly appreciate that you stuck to this plan, one that I’ve employed in many drafts and have had great success in this limited format, with all of the guilds.

    I also think this draft format puts more emphasis on the actual draft and deck building. Having a streamlined deck and really putting thought into what you are trying to do and how the cards work with each other is essential for any guild in GTC. This was not the case in RTR, and I think many people made the mistake of splashing too much or trying to get too cute when GTC first hit the shelves. I still see some wonky builds out there on modo, but that’s fine, I’ll keep pulling in the wins.

  6. In match 2 game 2, you could have attacked with the avenger, bomber corps, gargoyle, and striker. Kill his one croc and make the other unable to block. This gets you in for 5 damage in the air, putting him to 4. You would have been fine (or even been happy with) a massive return attack as you were still alive. Then the following turn attack again and lightning helix him to make any of your creatures lethal. It would have been risky, and the fact that he had tricks would have made it worse, but you were not winning the game of stalling where he was getting 4 free damage a turn and you were essentially doing nothing.

  7. “In round 2 at 4:15 if you attacked with everybody you could’ve pinged the Charger with Bomber and it would’ve meant his Charger could only chump Veteran. ”

    So much this!

    You kept saying “well this trades for that and I could ping this or that but it would be useless or I could ping that but then…”

  8. I’m interested in why you didn’t sideboard out the Hellraiser Goblin in M2. With so many Crocanuras your opponent had, it seems like one of the worst situations to play the goblin, while the Thunderfist could be big enough to trade with his creatures profitably and possibly be a big enough threat to attack consistently with his vigilance. Also, since he had a stall deck going on, it would be quite possible to hit 5 lands, which is unlikely in a Boros mirror match like M1.

  9. Like mrn pointed out, you could have made the attack with bomber corps, gargoyle, striker and firemane avenger to deal 5 to him, putting him to 4. You would lose two of your guys and have some blockers behind to keep you alive. The next turn you could attack with the fliers again and he only has 1 croc back to block so one would get through. If you could trigger battalion for your angel on that attack you could go with your lightning helix to the face and win. Nice deck, you make me want to play :) Nice content, nice calm commentary. Love the drafts.

  10. There were a minimum of 3 crackling perimeters going around, I didn’t see a lot of gates though.

    I want to see somebody pull that one off..may Job will get to it before he starts the new job.

  11. Hm. M2G1, I would’ve swung with the Striker, the Avenger and the Gargoyle, targetting the Helix at his face and the Striker on one of the Crocanuras. He goes to 6 immediately. He can eat either the Gargoyle or block the Avenger with the other Crocanura, but either way get goes down to at least 4 and your Avenger lives. Assuming he eats the Gargoyle, he goes to 3 and you still have the Corps, the Syndic, the Veteran and the Avenger left. He can alpha you but even with a creature to pump his three evolve guys, if you put the Veteran on the Scarab you can only take 12 and survive on 1 life. Then next turn swing with your three remaining creatures and smack him with the Avenger’s trigger for the win.

    There’s probably a flaw to this plan but I’m not going to bother trying to figure out what it is. xD

  12. Ah – Boros – changed the draft game for GateCrash – every deck has to be streamlined and work well – flooding and mana crunch are punished every time – no time to get creative with splashes, big stuff, or to recover from a bad draw! Boros is everything Rakdos wishes it was! Everything has had to adjust to the fast Boros start! That’s why 2 drops reign supreme! Can’t wait for Maze to shake things up again!

  13. I finally get to see the ultimate foundry street denizen deck and none of them come around! Argh. You could have completely blitzed people off the table with a few more one drops. Sadly your round one opponent got the loyalist and such too.

  14. Hey there! In match two when you kept flooding with lands and only had the one mountain in hand, considering you cant use that mana in anyway for the rest of the game is it possibly correct that not playing them is the only way to extract value from them based off of how the person you are playing against perceives the situation. would any of you take notice of an increasing hand size with no plays?

  15. In my opinion, you should have picked immortal servitude. At least that pick was seriously discussable. You were heavy on 2 drops which makes a very strong 5 mana card and eaven more important you had the hellraiser goblin which just rocks with immortal servitude.

    Well so far.


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