Limited Resources: Giddy up U-Turn!

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  1. Great vids, very well drafted.
    I would have pushed myself into white there for sure. But you sure noticed where you had to go.
    You deck looked very good in all matches and your plays all made sense.
    Congratulations on winning :)

  2. I feel like you could have splashed the Pacifism. I often end up doing that, especially considering it’s a much better removal spell than Assassinate.

    I think Lightning Bolt over Wild Griffin p1p3 would have been more correct, also. Lightning Bolt doesn’t really commit you to red, but you usually end up just splashing it. With how the deck ended up, you wouldn’t be triple splashing, but at the time I think it’s safer to have 3 splashable removal spells and leaving yourself open to any color rather than trying to commit to white.

  3. I don’t understand why you were swinging with the Flying Shade in M2G2. It doesn’t change his clock at all since is lets him swing in with the Child of Night and undo the damage that your Shade did, but it lowers your life total making you more vulnerable to a splashed Fireball or Lava Axe/Ox out of nowhere.

  4. @eXXa Thanks, and thanks!

    @Oray Ya I have actually been trying to adjust my evaluation on Cloak in general. It passes the groan test with flying colors usually, and I have won quite a few games with it. T4 Juggernaut into T5 cast/equip cloak is totally brutal.

    @oma thanks, appreciate it.

    @Ultima666 I do agree that Lightning Bolt is a stronger card in a vacuum than Wild Griffin, but I think that archetype/set wise, Griffin is the pick. Yes I might be able to splash for a Bolt, but honestly, outside of Green I am not thrilled to have to do this. Throw in a Fireball and I am a happy camper with the splashing, but just for one bolt, it’s often still not worth it. Any deck with black as a main color has a hard time throwing in a card like Pacifism. I don’t think that the power boost would justify the consistency hit in this case.

    @suedars I will have to look back at it, I haven’t watched since. Wouldn’t be the first time I made a mistake by being too aggressive ;)

  5. Taking pacifism over serra angel is just disgraceful in my opinion. The reason you have been told that removal is good is because it kills ridiculous bombs like Serra Angel. I would rather be the guy with the serra angel.

  6. @anonymous Disgraceful? Hardly. Pacifism is white’s best removal, while Serra Angel is a big commitment early in the draft. Take this draft as an example, I ended up getting pushed away from White and didn’t run either. The Pacifism would have been splashable in the right deck. (although I didn’t think this was the right one).

    I also find that the white deck (especially paired with blue) simply doesn’t need more threats, it needs more answers. Answers in that archetype are much harder to get than threats are.

    Look at the list of viable threats in white: Assault Griffin, Wild Griffin, Stormfront Pegasus, Cloud Crusader, Serra Angel are just the really good flyers at common and uncommon.

    Look at the removal in white: Pacifism and Blinding Mage. To a point Condemn (although too conditional to be nearly in the same class as Pacifism, because it doesn’t help you get stuff out of the way.) I am not going to call Excommunicate removal.

    Threats are dime a dozen in white, answers are not. Combine that with the fact that it’s splashable in the right deck and I think it’s the pick.

    Disgraceful? Not a chance.

    Debatable? Definitely.

  7. Serra Angel wins games by itself. Or trades with Pacifism. Pacifism trades with Serra Angel, but never wins games on its own. Not to mention that passing Serra Angel means you are probably splashing that Pacifism. Can’t agree with that pick, especially since the theory was just “hey removal is good”.

  8. @Lord of Texas Except if you pick the Serra Angel and pass the Pacifism and Griffin, you’re going to get cut hard in P2 and are at the least going to have problems supporting that Serra Angel, and worst case might get forced out of White entirely depending on what people on your right are doing. Pacifism gets big points here for still being good without committing heavily to White. Serra Angel is going to result in wasted picks, either because you can’t run it, or you had to pass good cards in order to cut white.

    Plus in a UW fliers deck, removal is usually what determines how good your deck is. With the density of fliers at common it’s pretty easy to load up on Griffins, Drakes, and Elementals and present plenty of threats. Sure, Serra Angel is a better threat, but it’s still just a threat. What mediocre UW decks usually end up lacking is removal. Without removal it’s pretty easy to get outraced by someone attacking through the ground with more efficient guys or to just get outclassed by some awesome bomb.

  9. Meant to include this in my last post, but I hit submit too soon. Also, Serra Angel doesn’t win games by itself. It does once you’ve ground your opponent down a bit and stalemated them, but if you literally go nothing for four turns then turn 5 Serra Angel it’s probably just going to get removed, or Act of Treasoned for the win, or you’ll be forced into trading it for a trick because you’ve gone down low. It’s a great finisher, but it needs support cards like Pacifism.

  10. “It wins games by itself” was not meant to be taken literally. It says “remove me or die” when you and your opponent have been spending the first four turns doing typical draft turn things, trading cards, maybe someone cast an Azure Drake or something. Obviously you can’t expect to win any game when you land-go the first 4 turns.

    You categorize Serra Angel as “just a threat”, but the reason it’s so good is that it is both a threat AND an answer. It simultaneously pressures your opponent while acting as Moat against almost all of the common/uncommon aggressive cards.

    I’m not knocking Pacifism, it’s an efficient way to keep pressure off OR let you keep pressuring the opponent, but it’s just an answer (and with War Priest of Thune/Aether Adept seeing lots of play, sometimes you get blown out).

    Regarding signals: pick 3 Pacifism is a signal, but Serra Angel is even more of one. Make your opponent splash the Pacifism and take the stronger card.

    Like the discussion :)

  11. I haven’t found Serra Angel to be as good as it was in M10. There’s a lot more midrangey stuff that gets through it: Basilisk, Spined Wurm, Rotting Legion, etc. Tricks are also better, meaning that it’s easier to attack into and is more vulnerable and not as good on defense as it was in M10.

    In the end though, it isn’t really doing too much more than any of your other fliers. It’s bigger than them, and plays defense, but fliers decks usually have plenty of fliers and defense. What they lack is removal. Serra Angel lets your deck do what it was already doing, but better. Pacifism gives your deck a tool that it ordinarily would have had in only very limited measures.

    And in your situation, I’d rather by the guy splashing the Pacifism. Making your opponent splash the Pacifism is probably going to come at a cost to you, since after that signal you’re going to have to go out of your way to cut White. I’m fine with sending the signal of the Serra Angel, since I can just pick up a Terramorphic or two at some point, keep passing the White, and know that I’ll probably get rewarded in pack 2.

    Serra Angel is an excellent flier, but it’s just not good enough to justify taking over quality splashable removal, especially when picking it sends conflicting signals.

  12. I liked the Pacifism, however, I think we all know the real pick was the Quag! :P

    Serra is good but in a “fine” way. Does that make sense? Against terrible decks that have no way to deal with her, sure, she is a house but she’s not as powerful as she was in M10 because of the better removal in M11. The afore mentioned Quag and Chandra’s Outrage (quickly becoming one of my fav cards in the set) and Condemn at Uncommon are new additions to M11 and all answer her. Quag is conditional but still…

    In a pack like that, if there was a Doom Blade, Bolt, Outrage, I would take it and let the rest fight over the white.

  13. If guy goes turn 3 aether adept that is okay, because it is impossible for you to cast that on turn 3. you have 11 other creatures in the deck, and 2 of them are blue. 3 of them are 5 drops and you only have 2 2drops. earliest you can play it is turn 4, assuming you get none of your creatures removed and you get one of your two drops on turn 2 (or 2 on turn 4). Why don’t you like viscera seer, it is not bad.

    Also you say “to a point” excessively in my opinion.
    condemn is good white removal, limited games are won 90% by attacking. Sometimes you won’t be able to get a good creature with an ability fucking you over, but it will never not have a target.

    But good thing you went to black instead of trying to stick with the white. Congrats on winning.
    Darwin Kastle ranks Serra Angel as #2 on his list of M11 power rankings, pacifism at 12. Just saying

  14. You grouse at me about my upkeep stop, but note your combat-damage stop. What exactly are we doing there, Mr. Tenth Edition? You keep that stop on in case Wizards brings back stacked damage in the middle of your combat step?

    Those moments I had to wait for you to click it are moments of my life I will never get back. The three minutes I spent writing this are long gone, too. Damn, piling up…

    Oh, and nice job on the win. Most of the time you bent successfully to my will, making all the plays I was instructing you to make with the power of my mind, so the implants appear to be working.

  15. “implants appear to be working.” apparently you can send these will impressions into the past. If that is so, then you simply must pass on the technology.

    btw, I already said this on the mtgcast site where you guys discuss the angel/pacifism pick, but I definitely agree with you. While Angel is probably white’s best uncommon, it isn’t really that much better than Pacifism, though Angel is probably better in a vacuum. Of course, the next time you play Magic in a vacuum, you’ll have to invite me, because I’ve never been in space. In any case, Angel isn’t really a bomb as much as it is one of the best creatures in the set. But it isn’t even as good as Vampire Nighthawk was in ZZW. There is just way too much that deals with Angel too easily. Plus, I think you are right about UW. It is easy to get a bunch of Pegasi, and Griffins, and Drakes, and Could Elementals, and have enough power in the air. But removal? That is hard to get in UW. So, if you are going for UW early, take the Pacifism. Especially because it is more splashable.

    However, if that Serra Angel is an Air Servant instead, you take the Servant because that card is nuts.

  16. @godot I wasn’t aware of my extra stop, but I’m 99% sure I spend less time on it than you do on your useless upkeep stop. Now leave me alone you troll ;)

    @aznsilly Speaking of trolls… First thing is I have no clue what your first paragraph is referring to.

    Second, I know that condemn is good. (I think everyone does?)

    Third, I won’t apologize for saying “to a point” too much, I am not sure why you even bring it up.

    Fourth: Viscera Seer. You think it’s a good card? I would want to know why.

    I will tell you why it’s not a good card in the meantime: It’s a 1/1 for B. 1/1′s in limited are essentially useless. After T2 they can almost never attack profitably and can only block once. Zephyr Sprite was a 1/1 with flying in M10 and it essentially never saw play, this guy doesn’t even have flying. Now Aznsilly, this is where you argue “but wait, what if I have a Reassembling Skeleton combo!!” or “it’s awesome with Act of Treason” . Yes I am aware of these cute interactions but as my buddy Ryan always says, if you are going to run an underpowered combo like that in limited, the individual pieces should be able to stand on their own. In both of those combo’s cases, the weak link is the same card..

    Remember that while a card like Viscera Seer might have some decent interactions, it takes up not only a card slot in your deck, but more importantly in your hand. Having a Viscera Seer in your opener is almost a mulligan.

    Fifth, who is Darwin Kastle and where does he rank Viscera Seer?

  17. My point, of course, being that it is easy to find yourself with a habitual-but-mostly-useless stop you’ve become so accustomed to that you don’t even really notice it. FWIW, I removed my upkeep stops and played a bunch in the casual room to try and retrain myself to avoid F2/OK-ing through my first main. No tragic misclicks in actual draft games so far.

    I have actually seen Anzsilly pick a nit *off of a nit!* True story.

    Certainly at some point, enough scrying feels as good or better than drawing a card (we like Crystal Ball!). The first problem with the seer is that it only has scry 1. Second, in order to use it without card disadvantage, it needs to be part of narrow treason/skeleton combos, or you have to use it on a creature about to die anyway. In the days of stacked damage you could at least have your creature trade in combat and then scry with damage on, but now you really have to wait for removal. Finally, it has a basically meaningless body. Those are big drawbacks.

    For all his nitpicking, Aznsilly frequently brings up good big-picture points, but I can’t see why he would defend the seer here, and I look forward to hearing his reasoning.

    I suspect Marshall has won more M11 Limited events than Darwin Castle. Just sayin’.

  18. I have a stop on my upkeep, but that is because I have a constructed deck that needs it, and I don’t want to have to change my stops in between limited and constructed matches, especially because I often play constructed matches in between rounds of a limited event.

    Also, Viscera Seer has to be close to as good as Ornithopter, so it can’t be that bad.

    btw, Marshall, apparently you have a wormhole in your head.

  19. I think the real question here is which combo is sicker:

    Viscera Seer+Reassembling Skeleton
    Ornithopter+Steel Overseer

  20. @Marshall:
    First, in your first or second video when you speak about the demon, you talk about casting it and then getting blown out by your opponent’s possible turn 3 aether adept bouncing it. I’m pointing out that in this deck it is impossible to get it turn 3, and very unlikely to get it turn 4 even at the earliest.

    Second, I assume you know condemn is good, but around the time where you don’t pick it in the draft or at one point when you are talking about white removal, you say it is okay but not great or that something along those lines (I’m not going to go back to the video and check, but it’s somewhere in the first video).

    Third, I am just pointing out that you said it many times (a few where it doesn’t make much sense in my opinion) so that you know. Sometimes one doesn’t realize what one is saying when it has become a habit, so I mentioned it. I am not saying you need to/should stop or that you don’t realize what you are saying, but just in case.

    Fourth, of course there are times when the seer is great and times when it is terrible. The reason why I think you could have picked 1-2 of them in THIS PARTICULAR draft is because I think you picked canyon minotaur and maybe a naturalize (or some other random hate draft) over them. Your deck had 11 creatures including the demon, which makes using the alternate cost very difficult, and ~80% of those creatures cost 3 or more. The seer would let you turn creatures who chump block/eat removal into scrys, and allow you to use the alternate casting cost on the demon, which is the biggest thing it has going for it. Also, your deck was pretty top heavy so I thought even at least 1 seer would have made for a good early game play that can later turn into a chump blocker+scry 1. Against an opponent like your r1 opponent who didn’t have a creature until turn 5, that could have been 3-4 extra damage + a scry.

    Fifth, Darwin Kastle is a MTG hall of famer. He has been writing a series of articles on drafting starting from ROE and into M11. I don’t know what he ranks the seer, but it’s probably not on his list of top 20.

    @Godot: I don’t know if Marshall has won more M11 limited events than Darwin Kastle, but regardless…a lot of people would agree with the angel over pacifism

  21. The problem with Condemn is that it’s reactionary and you can’t play it on the offense to clear away blockers and gain a big tempo boost.

    There are times when seer is decent. That’s 2% of the time. There are times when seer is terrible. That’s 80% of the time. Yes, it does stuff. It also costs you a card. I would rather run 18 lands instead of running a Seer. Yes, it can turn chumpers/creatures hit by removal into scry 1. That’s still not enough to warrant a card. And a Seer is not an early game plan. This is a format where Silvercoat Lion is bad because of how quickly it gets outclassed. A 1/1 just is not relevant. The only thing it does in this format is trade for a Wolf, which is pretty mediocre. And it’s not like having a 1/1 in your deck means you automatically do more damage. You’re drawing it over some card. Looking at that match there’s not a card I’d get rid of for Viscera Seer, even knowing that my opponent is running an extremely slow deck. There’s also nothing wrong with being top heavy in this format, especially if you’ve got a decent amount of removal. It’s quite slow.

    Finally simply saying “Darwin Kastle says x is better than y” means nothing. The reason why we listen to pros is that they have a solid understanding of the game that lets them explain things. Simply stating what someone thinks gets your argument nowhere. His list is also pretty terrible. Serra Angel over Mind Control?

    Finally, Serra Angel can be better than Pacifism in the abstract, but that doesn’t mean that picking Pacifism is always wrong. Consider a Zendikar pack with the following (yes, I know this would never happen due to print runs):

    Marsh Casualties
    Hideous End
    Welkin Tern

    The Tern is easily the worst card of the first pickables, but it’s the clear pick due to signaling.

  22. I’m going to agree with Suedars here, even after our altercation over counters nearly came to blows ;) Condemn is pretty good, but is it really that much better than Pacifism? In limited, I would rather have Doom Blade than Condemn. The problem is that you can’t use it aggressively. You can’t use it to take out a blocker. You can’t deal with utility creatures (of course, neither can Pacifism). It is an instant, but it is actually worse than a sorcery because of the very particular limitations on when you can use it. Is it still generally a first pick? Yes, but it isn’t that amazing.

  23. To be fair, not being able to take out utility creatures isn’t that big of a deal in M11. The only good ones at uncommon or below that come to mind are Blinding Mage and Pyromancer. The main thing that hurts it for me is that it can’t take out a defender, which is quite a drawback in the most aggressive color in the format.

    Also, speaking of Pyromancer, has anyone been less impressed with it in M11 than M10? I haven’t been liking it as much, but can’t figure out why.

  24. “I don’t know if Marshall has won more M11 limited events than Darwin Kastle, but regardless…a lot of people would agree with the angel over pacifism” – Aznsilly

    Then a lot of people would be wrong.

  25. I couldn’t believe that you kept Nether Horror in over anything in any games. Every time I’ve played that guy he’s been terrible. Black has a lot of vanilla creatures and sometimes they need to make the maindeck. Still, he’s always been the first card into the sideboard for me.

    Having 1-2 viscera seer or bloodthrone vampires in the sideboard can be good against mind control or against the act of treason/sacrifice deck. I’ve boarded bloodthrones in a couple times vs mind control, and it can be an especially good sideboard plan for sealed decks. Obviously the choice is always going to be “What cards am I taking a very niche sideboard card over?” but I think you could have not hated out the Minotaurs and been OK. Also, sometimes having the 1/1 for 1 is nice against the lava ox deck, where you don’t want to take 5, but you also don’t want to trade real creatures. I’ve boarded in Goblin Balloon Brigade in that situation and it worked out OK – Viscera Seer probably would work too.

    I would also take Serra Angel over Pacifism, but I agree with the people that say that Serra feels worse in M11 than in M10 – probably because of the high toughness common fliers that make it easier to stack block and trade 1 for 1. In M10, Serra Angel is trading 2 for 1 with most of the common fliers. Not really the case in M11.

  26. Please repeat after me, “I will not play my 12th land. 10 is plenty to have on the battlefield, and there is some small chance that my opponent might think I’ve drawn something other than a useless 12th land.”

    Even if you’re hoping to maximize the damage from a topdecked Corrupt, hold at least one, because you can always play it and then the topdecked Corrupt. Actual mileage varies by opponent, but I’ve won games because people were playing around that land in my hand after seeing Safe Passage or something like that in the previous game.

    Other than that, thanks for the draft video, and great job on the win.

  27. “Ob-Nix
    Marsh Casualties
    Hideous End
    Welkin Tern

    The Tern is easily the worst card of the first pickables, but it’s the clear pick due to signaling.”


    I might be going out on a limb here but nobody can agree with that. If they did, they don’t understand the B.R.E.A.D. theory of drafting.
    Agressively costed creatures

    Ob Nix is a bomb and is always the first pick, signaling goes out the window. Esp. when I’m passing left. Taking a slightly underpowered card for the sake of signals is fine but passing bombs and removal makes for a disaster of a draft.

  28. @Suedars: It is true, not being able to take out utility creatures isn’t nearly important in M11 as it would be in say, RoE. But, it is still a relevant weakness, and you want something to make up for that weakness. Pacifism gets to take out virtually any creature because of this weakness, although it can be removed later. Condemn is so limited in where you can use it. But, you already said that, so I guess I am preaching to the choir.

    Not that Condemn isn’t a great card that will make my deck every time. It will. It is. But I don’t think it is even better than Pacifism. And the main reason why is because I can’t use it proactively.

    Also, I agree that Pyromancer doesn’t seem quite as good in M11. Not that it is bad, but I don’t think it is as good as it was in M10, and definitely not as good as Cunning Sparkmage was in ZZW.

  29. @oray and suedars

    I think Pacifism is considerably better than Condemn, and would take it over it in an M11 vacuum.

    Being one mana cheaper in a relatively slow core set format is simply not enough to overcome the fact that Condemn is so utterly reactive.

    I mean I think of 2 common scenarios and then gauge it against them:

    Scenario 1: Villain has played a big threat that you have to deal with or lose. Which would you rather have, Pacifism or Condemn? In general, either one fit’s the bill here. Sure Condemn puts in a place where you will almost never see it again, but Villain does gain life here which can matter. Pacifism nullifies the creature but leaves it a bit vulnerable to freeing itself, but with no life gain. I would call this a wash.

    Scenario 2: You are in White and have dumped your hand; Stormfront Pegasus, Assault Griffin, and Wild Griffin. On villain’s T4 he drops an Azure Drake. Condemn is pretty useless in the current situation, while Pacifism is an utter beating for you. Pacifism is the easy choice here.

    Condemn does get a few things in it’s favor, being that it’s an instant and can net you a 2:1 for a pump spell or a freshly cast Aura.

    I think it’s of note that neither of these deal with utility creatures, as utitly guys basically never attack. (Blinding Mage, Prodigal Pyromancer, BoP, Llanowar Elves, Alluring Siren, Royal Assassin, etc)

  30. @oma

    BREAD is a nice introduction to drafting, but there’s far more than just that. Ob Nix requires a commitment to Black (though I did think he was 3BBB as opposed to 3BB when I was writing that post, so he’s not quite as committing as I had in mind). When you’re passing cards that are going to have over half the table fighting over Black, you’re going to have a hard time picking up enough Black to run him, and even if you do, you’re going to be running a lot of marginal stuff. By picking him over the Tern, you’re getting a really strong bomb, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be able to run it, and if you can it’s going to significantly weaken the rest of your deck.

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  32. Hi, Marshall.

    I was wondering… M1 G1 – your opponent has 6 lands in play (all tapped), a greater basilisk and an earth servant and is at 8 life. You have 6 untapped lands, a banshee (tapped), a whispersilked scroll thief (tapped) and a bunch of options in hand and 14 life.

    You opt to play out the Brittle Effigy to exile villain’s servant during combat. Why not just play the nether horror (3B) + re-equip it with the cloak? Next turn, no blocks, you fall to 7, so even if your opponent has a land drop, he can’t fireball you to death (max x is 6). On your turn you have 8 power on the board (7 unblockable) a sign in blood in hand and a bunch of options in case any of your attackers gets burned (thief for chumping + quag sickness + effigy). Even if you don’t win here and there, you win the next turn just by bashing with the whispersilked horror.

    The way you played it did net you a win, so I can’t complain, but it did take a lot more turns.

  33. @Plejades: the quality is great, but it would be super-awesome if it had the option to jump to a not-yet cached part of the video. It’s annoying when you are re-watching it and can’t just get to the part that interests you and have to wait for the whole thing to load. Having this option would also reduce your server load. :)

  34. Hello OmniSzron,

    we will explore improvements on the video side you mentioned. That is, we are also exploring other options which would…but I should stop here as we don’t want to reveal that idea just yet.

  35. I actually love Viscera Seer. Obviously it is great with reassembling skeleton or in the act of treason deck, but I will still include it when running black even without those cards… unless I just have 23 ridiculous playable of course.

    Being able to stick a creature into your graveyard in m11 black decks can just be incredibly good. I was playing a draft on MTGO last night where I cast Inferno Titan, which was pacified the next turn. I let my Seer eat it, cast my gravedigger, got it back, and easily won the match. The fact that black has gravedigger, rise from the grave, and even disentomb to me is plenty of reason to run a Seer, or at least to side it in against white/blue decks that typically can remove your threats without actually sticking them in your graveyard (pacifism, ice cage, mind control).

  36. @Ryan

    You’re definitely in best case scenario mentality here. You’re describing a situation where you need

    A: Have a bomb in play
    B: The bomb is removed in a way that leaves it on the battlefield.
    C. You have Viscera Seer in play while this is happening.
    D. You’re holding a Gravedigger.

    Now check out this, more likely scenario.

    You cast a 1/1 for 1. Your opponent untaps and casts a 2/2 for 2. You chump/scry. Seems bad.

  37. @Woody

    Yes, I described one best case situation. That doesn’t mean everything else I mentioned is invalid. I’m just saying that IN GENERAL seer gives you alot of options and has decent synergy with common, uncommon, and rare black cards, as well as a few common red, white, and blue cards.

    If you are having to chump a 2/2 on turn 3 you have issues of either not being a very good player or not having a very good deck or you kept a bad hand.

  38. 4/4 fliers are when you start taking the finisher over stuff like pacifism. isn’t this drafting 101…

    I think LSV has made it impossible to watch anyone else’s draft videos.

    I still appreciate the time and effort, and I really like Marshal and Ryan, but I don’t agree with the early drafting decisions at all.

  39. ok, listen youre horrible, m1 g1 you made abillion mistakes!!!!! There are so many cards that could have lost you that game. Bluff mana leak slash cancel at the end!!!! lava axe, or another fireball could kill you. and Im sure theres at least one more. On the turn you droped brittle effigy you should have played quag sickenss, moved the cloak over to banshee, and then threw out the effigy, and who CARES if he blows it up!!! IT is a mistake to blow up the effigy over the cloak anyway. You could have baited him into a bad play here! And you over value it way to much. 5 mana for a 1 for 1 isnt that good( unless dealing with an obvious bomb ie titans, bsa),. Another card which you also forgot about is plumment which would kill your banshee too. HIm being green and all which is certainly maindeckable, and has won me many games.

    EFFIGY is horrible against he deck too, because all his creatures are dinos, you kill one his just gona drop another.

    The other guy that you do these videos with is wayyyyy better than you!

    And you keep trying to force u and W after passing obvious signals!!!
    You could should have jumped into greeen seeing that cultivate and ranger, it would allow you to splash your pasafiscm!!!!!!!!!! and those terramorphic expanses.

    Good job picking up black tho. :)

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