Limited Resources: Holiday Cube #3

Marshall takes the Holiday Cube for one more spin…and has a very important announcement!

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  1. Literally only knows how to draft one deck.

    And its wildly unplayable in this cube.


    Because thats not what his deck does you subsimian moron. What do you think he’s drawing to? Burn spells. How does he win? Burn spells. Your planeswalkers eat ASS against his deck. They’re literally doing nothing. Of course he burns you. You are absolutely abysmal at this game.

    Lol nice unplayable shadowmage infiltrator

    Also, Nice topdeck? There was almost no way you win that game unless he bricks off. you’re at nine. He’s going persistent damage in play. His deck is full of burn spells. Lol. nice topdeck. idiot.

  3. After watching this video (just because it is his last here), I am certain that whoever will follow in Marshall’s footsteps cannot be a worse drafter.

  4. “I think we had that game in hand”

    says the guy at 9 who wont be winning the game for like another 5 turns against a deck thats like half burn.

  5. “Oh. completely dead to progenitus? That’s cool. I’ll just show my opp another card in my deck for no reason.”


  6. “It’s not even good in the cube”

    -Marshall “I’m running shadowmage infiltrator, nightveil spector and bitterblossom” sutcliffe 2015.

  7. I love how all the asshats come out to show off their new headgear whenever change is on the wind. :( Classy bunch of folks, you guys.

    Marshall, I genuinely wish you well in your future endeavors, and it’s been a pleasure watching you draft. Take care, and good luck!

  8. “I don’t know if this hand does anything”

    I don’t know if the whole deck does anything…

  9. “I wonder whats better than sarkan here… I can’t think of much.”

    On a board where sarkan does literally nothing.

  10. What the hell happened in this comments section? As a long time viewer of this series I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much hostility and can’t imagine where it’s coming from.

    Thanks for all the great vids and good luck to you in the future Marshall.

  11. Thanks for the great work here Marshall! I recently started recording draftvids and get a lot of negative comments, but then I see that everyone gets little else. No one calls out a nice play, but they’re happy to point out the mistakes you make and the lines you don’t see. Looking forward to seeing how LR evolves!

  12. Yeah, those comments are really disgusting.
    Even if someone makes errors you don’t need to be insulting…

    I really enjoyed watching most of your videos here, so good luck wherever you will go in the future.

  13. One person here gets payed to play magic and make videos; another person here wastes time sitting in his Cheetos-stained underwear and commenting incessantly. I don’t know who you guys think is better off, but I’m going with Cheetos guy.

    Yo Cheetos guy, what’s the thread count on your cum-encrusted Ninja Turtle bedsheets? Asking for a friend.

    Marshall, thanks for all the great content.

  14. Don’t really understand all the vitriol in the comments here. These must be the same kind of people who will yell at you in chat if a game doesn’t go their way. Where does all the anger come from? It’s just a MTG video!!

    Thanks for all the videos over the years Marshall. Good luck with the new ones — I’ll be watching.

  15. You can cast Necromancy as an instant, it just goes away EOT. So you could have Necromancy’d the Shriekmaw in response to the Pattern being cast and made it fizzle.

  16. Thanks for the vids, Marshall. I love watching them, and appreciate the work you put into them. Feel free to ignore the comments from the sixth-graders who are still pissed that Santa got them packs of Homelands for Christmas, and spent New Years crying in their mommy’s shoulder about it. Maybe when they finish puberty they’ll become tolerable human beings.

  17. Just wanted to hop on and say thanks for the great ride guys. I’ve really enjoyed doing draft videos here and meeting all of you along the way. I’m proud of the content I’ve made and I hope that we all improved at the game together, and even had some fun along the way.

    Thanks again for supporting me, it means a lot!

    See you in the draft queues :)

    - Marshall

  18. Thanks for the draft videos Marshall. Good drafts and bad drafts…ALL FUN TO WATCH because i can’t drop $ all the time to do my own…Btw.. Marshall has the best voice for commentating that i’ve heard so far…

  19. Many mean comments. Yeah, he ended up with an underpowered deck. Yeah some of the cards he had to include were bad. That’s not a reflection on Marshall at all. He plays well, drafts well, and most importantly, communicates well. Cube is a very high variance environment, and occasionally ending up with an underpowered deck is all but inevitable. Not every deck can go off, and virtually every deck will end up playing some weaker cards. Shadowmage infiltrator and nightvale spector are on the weak side in this environment (particularly in a deck without swords) but what are you going to do. Bitter blossom isn’t amazing, but it’s still a more powerful than average card even in powered cube. Really, this was just an reanimator deck that didn’t quite come together and needed too much filler. Fatties weren’t fat enough. Discard wasn’t fast or reliable enough. Reanimation spells weren’t dense enough. No tutors to grease the wheels and not enough fast mana to cast fatties as a plan B. The other 2 decks he drafted were powerful and fun, but drafts like this give you a more complete picture of what cube is really like than just showing the successes. Get over yourselves. If you’re perfect players who never misplay and always draft consistent timevault decks enjoy going infinite in cube and stop wasting your time watching mere mortals draft imperfectly.

  20. Hey Marshall, sad to see you leave the Academy, as it’s how I first learnt about you & LR when restarting Magic and that created a kind of “emotional tie”!

    Anyway, I bet there are good reasons for that, and I’m happy you’ll still produce other contents!

    Thanks for the years of good work, really helped improve my own drafts & knowledge of Magic, and happy to see you never got upset by all the trolling we can see around lately!

    (and I agree with fishyslaya somehow: you have “voice charisma” or something, it always somehow gives a feeling like you’re talking directly to us in a friendly way that makes one feels like tagging along, and it’s just something I had trouble in finding in most other content providers!)

  21. Thank you for all your work and videos. They helped me become a better player. Thank you for your relaxed and happy attitude. That made your videos something to look forward to each week and showcased how much better this game is with proper sportsmanship. Good luck in your future endeavours!

  22. This was an interesting draft. You thought you might be reanimator, but weren’t really prioritizing the reanimator spells. You also thought you might be combo, but you weren’t prioritizing the combo cards either. You’ve seemed off in your past couple videos. Not really drafting well, not playing well, and pretty salty when things don’t go your way. Let’s chaulk it up holidays busyness and being distracted. I know know LSV won’t go for any of this monkey business going forward :)

  23. Marshall, we love you! Thanks for all the great content, looking forward to seeing your drafts elsewhere.


  24. Can you not tap all your mana (3 Islands and a swamp) floating the black and cast frantic search then untap the swamp and tap the swamp to cast the Hymn? It came up more than once and I was surprised to see you skip out on that route.

  25. Match 2 – Game 1

    Cast a Necromancy targeting Shriekmaw in response to Pattern and get rid of the problem.

  26. Surprised you didn’t frantic search float the swamp then tap it again to cast the hymn , then you said you couldn’t cast it, i was yelling at my screen haha

  27. Thanks for all the videos you’ve posted here Marshall. Pretty sure I’ve watched them all and learned a ton. Looking forward to following your content wherever it is but also glad that you introduced me to MTGOAcademy

  28. Looking for your draft videos is part of my evening routine. Thanks for all the hard work and content, Marshall. This year sounds like it’s shaping up to be a transformational one for you on the career-side. I have to think that, as viewers and fans, we’re all going to be the beneficiaries.

    Thanks again we’ll see you in other venues!


  29. i feel like the personal attacks are somewhat unwarranted. yes, it’s frustrating to watch bad drafting and worse play, but that doesn’t justify calling marshall an idiot.

  30. Excellent content, I (WE) all learn something from each video. I knew this day would come knowing I saw you on another site. Good luck, you have my 100% support.

    by the way, the negative posts clearly come from someone you defeated or commented on their play/card selection. Their skin is thin, suffice it to say they are not in the clan, they are laughable at best.

  31. Haters probably just being sad you’re leaving i guess? anyway…had a great time watching your videos, even if i disagreed with some choices you made, i always enjoyed your drafts. Hope you have a great future! thanks for everything :)

  32. For those of us who appreciates marshall and simon’s draft videos. Will there be a replacement here on academy? Preferably not another not-funny-funny-drafter.

  33. Marshall is a gentleman (which is obviously not true for all commenters here) with a gift for explaining which, together with his calm, friendly voice and his vast experience, makes him an excellent trainer.

    I enjoyed his videos very much and I am going to miss them here – like Simon Görtzen’s more academic but very instructive contributions (is he on a temporary hiatus or has he left for good?). Thank you, Marshall!

  34. After the inappropriate spam in the beginning I feel the need to make a contribution as well.

    Thank you for the awesome content, Marshall.
    While your approach to magic seems more intuitive than for example Simon Goertzen’s approach who I also enjoyed very much on this page it is definitely based on a very solid skillset. Further your explanations are catchy and mostly hit the nail on the head.

    I also want to point out the fact that you are a very good commentator. You understand it to present your drafts in a confident, pleasant and interesting manner.

    Thank You.