Limited Resources: JBT Draft #4

“I am an obsessive…doing one draft and then another and another, usually five.” – Gore Vidal

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  1. The foils replace a random common, not the land. Land is always with us.
    Packs with a foil generally have a nonfoil copy of the same card if it is not rare. So in P1P2, the person passing to you almost certainly took a foil, and it might have been a foil Dawnbringer. It could also have been a foil Silence the Believers.

  2. Moot point – In Round 2 when you were discussing putting a counter on your Skyguard with Glimpse the Sungod – it would have tapped your Skyguard and then your 5/5 would not have been able to block that combat – it had vigilance so you could have attacked but not tapped it with Glimpse during combat and then block with it – again moot, because he destroyed the Skyguard.

  3. After only watching the first game of round one I had to come leave a comment. There is no way I would have pulled that win off. The patience you had was amazing and it really taught me a lot. Thanks guys!

  4. I don’t know if you know you’re doing it but you’re often condensing to your guest. Especially about card names when you make the same mistakes. Remember, you asked him to join you.

  5. I love your videos and I’m grateful that you make them. With that said, I feel like having a guest takes a lot away from the experience. It feels like playing by committee and it’s not fun to watch. So that’s one faithful viewer’s honest feedback.

  6. To provide a flip side, I absolutely love it when there’s a guest in the video. I think that as good at Marshall is at going solo, a monologue will never be as interesting as a dialogue. As great as things are now, I missed the days when Limited Resources was Marshall and Ryan, and always find myself wishing Brian Wong was there in the draft vids.

  7. I also felt like Marshall was being a bit harsh on his guest with the card name errors, especially considering he made the same mistake at least once. You probably meant it jokingly but when you said “you know you can’t come on the videos if you’re…” you actually sounded serious.

    In any case, I don’t think messing up card names is as big a deal for MTGO as it is for real life coverage, since it’s generally very easy to see the cards in hand and play. Certainly only a minor criticism: it was a very enjoyable vid, the second match especially was very entertaining and well-played. It was cool hearing the debate over the decisions, especially in cases where you two strongly disagreed.

    I will say I did disagree with your line in M2G2 with Glimpse, I felt it would have been better to just hold onto it one more turn since it guarantees you’re able to get in for lethal regardless of what you draw (whereas using it that turn was dependent on scrying into something) and you would have been able to survive one more attack from your opponent regardless. It ended up working out, though.