Limited Resources: Legacy Cube Draft #3

“I just want to go out and not feel like I’m playing a Legacy Cube with a flimsy pack of sleeves.” – Gary McCord

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  1. Great ending in Round ??? – no spoilers from me! Hadn’t seen that particular interaction before with Splinter Twin – seems they put several combos with Twin and Kiki in the cube! All those untap effects!

    Thanks for the content. This looks like me in Cube with blue – never knowing when or what to counter! I know Cryptic and Forbid are powerful cards, but I feel so silly when I mis-play them – I focus on the agro mono strategies in this cube or a 2-color midrange with more burn than counter. Fun stuff!

    Looking forward to powered cube soon as well!

  2. mann, you got passed exume, dread return and entomb in the last picks, the GB troll and the GB spell that puts things in the graveyard plus the alchemy….and you had inferno titan and angel in the sideboard…what a sweeeet reanimator deck you could have had.

  3. That was a pretty insane two card combo there. This is why I don’t play cube, I can barely keep my brain open to the cards in the active set, trying to remember this stuff? That begins sounding too much like work.

  4. augustoyoh: Hindsight is always 20/20. There is no reason to take the first reanimator card when you have no clue more are coming. The same is true about every reanimator card ager that until you’ve passed too many to make it a reliable strategy.

  5. Hey marshall. Quick question. Round 2 game 1 is there any specific reason you didnt leave forbid up when your moloku was being targetted by into the roil? I mean you had 4 mana and used 2 to make 2 tokens when you could have made 1 and kept up forbid with buyback. The forbid on the bonfire might have kept you alive longer? Maybe something i missed but was very confused as to why you made the 2nd token.

  6. Seemed like you picked some inferior cards a couple times just because they were UB. Psychatog is pretty lousy and you took it over essence scatter. Forbidden alchemy over the much better compulsive research.

    Also at the end of pack 1 there was nothing for you and you were gonna correctly take a fetch and then all of a sudden you randomly took call of the herd. That was kinda weird.

  7. Round 2, Game 2:
    You drew the Forbid and decided to leave it up instead of casting Phyrexian Arena…what would be scary that you had to counter on turn 3? If anything, Arena there is better because it fills your hand with ammo for Forbid.
    Any rate, good videos and keep em coming!