Limited Resources: Magic 2014 Draft #1

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  1. It looks like checking mtgoacademy every 5 seconds has allowed me to successfully watch this as soon as possible.

    I can’t wait, MarshMan.

  2. I do find it ironic that for all the complaints about the beta, regular MTGO crashed as well.

  3. Nice draft, the first m14 Iv’e seen so far.

    In m1g2, you had a turn where you were debating if you should play the 4/4 five drop or the sporemound. I assume the reasoning behind the sporemound is, “If I play this one earlier, I could get some value by getting an extra 1/1 if I draw my land!”.

    That’s not quite true. If you want the 1/1 you can still cast the 4/4 this turn, and then the next turn if you draw a land, play sporemound and then play the land. That way you get the 1/1 anyway and the 4/4 gets an extra turn to shine. Given that you won the game by taking the opponent down to exactly 0, the difference between a 3/3 and a 4/4 would have been very relevant!

  4. Also, m3g2, in the turn where you attacked with your 8/8 into his two creatures, there was no reason not to just attack with everyone… opponent had no cards in hand, and on the board they just couldn’t afford not to block your 8/8… you would have gotten in for something like 4 extra damage that way, with no risk involved. Also, in some weird case where he somehow decides to block some of your smaller creatures, you just sac. the blocked creatures to drain your opponent – that either kills him on the spot or maybe the turn after, which is still great.

  5. In m3g2 I think it was bad to let your 8/8 die. After he blocked with his 4/3 flier and 3/3 Pitchburn Devil you could have simple dealt all 8 to the flier. Then Pitchburn Devil survives and he cannot deal the additional damage to your 8/8. Next round, if he plays a creature you can repeat as needed.

    I don’t know witch game it was, but you had the Sporemound, the Ranger’s Guile and a Lay of the Land (with five lands in play). I think it would be better to grab a Forest – this way if you want to play the Sporemound you can get a token and keep up Ranger’s Guile. Only upside to grab a Swamp would be the Quag Sickness in your deck, but two Swamps was enough to kill most of his creatures.

  6. when the draft crashes in the beta you can just reenter the draft by clicking on the draft in the play lobby since it will show up at the top of the list as “events you have joined”. Usually you get back in without missing a pick, otherwise just file for reimbursement. WOTC is very accommodating of beta bugs.

  7. The previous comment makes a good point that many of us overlook – you don’t have to divide up damage as lethal to all blockers – Marshall would have sacrificed the 2 trample damage but kept his 8/8 trampler for future use. Most of us forget we can play around with damage distribution – sometimes people even forget that when handing out deathtouch damage – it comes up very rarely with Deadly Recluse but now that we have the 4/3 deathtouch in black – that can become very relevant. Then put Fireshrieker on him so that your deathtouch damage is first-strike – awesome!

    Great videos Marshall – glad your positive on M14 – so many online are discounting it since it seems a bit lackluster after RTR block (although full block is not as fun as RTR or GTC triple drafts – wish MTGO would put those back up even as just 4322s), Modern Masters, and even ROE and Cube. Still worth playing the next two months until Theros!

  8. Really surprised to see you pass up Elvish Mystic and the mana sliver. You had no early game at that point but a lot of 4′s and some 5′s that you could turbo out. Luckily, you got passed some Predatory Slivers to fill out the curve with nothing else in those packs. Also, the opposition was… well, I suppose it was a prerelease swiss.

    Thanks for the content, overall I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to some 8-4s from you.

  9. That was a well drafted, well played deck. I did wonder about you pulling the swamp instead of the forest like Christian mentioned, but I think that all in all you had complete command of the board in basically every game. You didn’t ever get super lucky, but you also didn’t get unlucky, a couple of your two-landers could have gone off the rails, but that’s always a risk when playing a game with any random element.

    I can’t wait to go draft my next M14!

  10. Glad to see an M14 video. Bummer about the missed picks.
    Deadly Recluse: Target opponent chooses one: discard a removal spell, discard a threat, or don’t attack.
    I’m starting to think there is a very small number of cards I’d pick over Fireshrieker.
    Looking forward to more M14!

  11. Marshall – If you ever did these comments, I can see that you’ll soon forget they exists, as I’m sure having a peanut gallery give you a couch surfing coaching is exactly what you’re looking for when you post these :)

  12. Come on marshall you had to pick mana sliver over the condor, it allows you to ramp into your 5-4 drops while giving you easier splashing options later on the draft, that’s worth more than “lets hope blue is a bit open”. Apart from that Marshall it was cool, keep them comming :)

  13. Marshall- I really appreciate the time you took at the end of Match 2 to explain the pacifism/deadly recluse play. It’s that kind of insight and depth that makes these videos worth coming back to each week.

  14. I want to echo Austen’s comments. I’m not new to Magic, but that sort of nuanced analysis is really helpful.

  15. Even with some game crashes during the draft, you are able to roll through pretty handily with your deck, great job, Marsh!

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