Limited Resources: Magic 2015 Draft #1

“Gather in your resources, rally all your faculties, Marshall all your energies” – John Hagee

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  1. You made some pretty questionable plays during the second game of round 1:

    Why do you play Quickling and bounce the Swiftclaw to replay it, when you can instead play Cathar, Quickling bounce Cathar, play Cathar again?

    Also you should have played the Peel from Reality during your turn. Your opponent was at 9 Mana or so, so wasting 2 extra for the activation isn’t a big deal, but you can replay your Chasm Stalker one turn earlier to grow him faster.

  2. I’m not sure Triplicate Spirits are that good. It is not Battle Screech. I find that 1/1s, even in bunches, just come too slow to stabilize the board when so many attackers are 3/3 or better. It would be a lot better with more ways to stall the ground, but short of Wall of Frost, there isn’t much to do so. I have also been very disappointed in Raise the Alarm – without a consistent way to pump them, they just end up staring at bears. I think this format likes bigger creatures better, and I would have picked the angel over spirits P2P1. Thoughts?

  3. PRJ: They’re basically free mana in the convoke deck, and they are gross with any kind of mass pump (hi, Cathar!). I agree that I’m not sure this deck was particularly abusing them, though.

  4. I’m not sure if you misread encrust game one, or were holding it for some other play. Encrust also shuts down activated abilities so when he attacked with the Lurker encrust next turn would have denied him the lifelink for the rest of the round. Although drawing two cards off divination was quite good too.

  5. nice opening rare P1P1 then followed up with mass removal.You are not %100 percent wrong not taking it though,but seemed like it is a card :) here in İstanbul friends say hi also :) love the show!

  6. R1G2 Corral Barrier, make an islandwalker, quickling, bounce barrier make another islandwalker……2 islandwalkers against UB seems good to me!

  7. Love all the LR vids, but I love the LR postings on MTGO Academy the best. To whomever comes up with the quotes on the main page, thank you. I spend 20 minutes each week trying to track down the original quote. So entertaining.

  8. Apologies in advance for unsolicited advice. I offer it only that we may all become better players!
    I agree with Christian about the Quickling -> replay Swiftclaw line. I feel like it may have been suboptimal. An alternative that I propose is play out Coral Barrier, then flash in Quickling for the Welkin Tern block, bouncing the Barrier. In this way, when you replay Barrier, you are left with two evasive Squids + Selfless Cathar, representing a pretty short clock. He is down a Welkin Tern, and you have the Barrier to block his ground pounders. It even makes parity with the Murk Lurker in the event he draws another Welkin Tern!