Limited Resources: May 2014 MTGO Cube Draft #2

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in the Standard-legal blocks can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for Cube.”
― C.S. Lewis

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  1. Glad to see the quotes are back, I thought they got too much stick.

    I mean, if you start off with the premise that C.S Lewis probably didn’t play M:tG (dying 30 years prior to it being created), its easy to take in good fun , right?

    Its certainly more fun than having actual quotes about M:tG anyway.

  2. You have 3 mana elves in your deck and 6 green sources that can come into play untapped on turn 1.

  3. Round 2 was sick. I kinda felt sorry for Marshall, running against all these blue decks he normally drafts.

    Having said that, i did enjoy seeing him out of blue and trying something a little different with white green ramp.

    When can we see Marshall draft the land destroying red deck he refers to?

  4. Really liked your deck, really sad it didn’t make it and just faced controlly decks :(

  5. (Posting without watching till the end or reading any comments (there may be spoilers;-))

    P1 P4: I was sad u passed that reccuring nightmare. n my opionion it fits very well your style of playing and has a lot upside in your deck so far. There are really good creatures you can cheat into play, including nekrataal and acidic slime u get immideatly afterwards. But the real upside comes with Fauna Shaman and Survival. With that cards it is just insane. You can reanimate whatever you want (Terastodron, Woodfall Primus anyone?) and with one Palinchron u can win easily in one turn, especially if u have also wood elves and any sort of a finisher (Kokusho, Riftwing Cloudskate, Woodfall Primus…). U may not get there, but a card with so much upside I would never pass.

    But I am really looking foward to see what u get in the next pack to ramp into. I like your style of drafting and playing.

  6. That was a really cool draft. I liked what u did.
    There were also all the cards for a really sweet green black value Deck with Recurring Night, Survival, Woodfall Primus, Woodelves, Nekrataal and so on. Which may also have failed against all the counters of your opponent. ;-) The last opponent had really good answers with o ring, detention sphere and the wraths. May be next time.

  7. watching you draw all 16 of your lands on your mull to 5 in that last game was tilting. your deck was sweet, and though I would have done some things differently, you’re enjoyable to watch. thanks for the videos, marshall.

  8. It’s goofy experiments like this that really make me wish you still Cubed swiss; I would have loved to see your deck go off against a round three opponent, it was so fun to see in the first two rounds that just running bad and playing against counterspells in round 2 shouldn’t have been the last we saw of it.

  9. I dont like the eight and one half tails pick, i dont think you even saw the purphoros still in the pack….you had so many tokens…. still thanks for the vids

  10. I know you were using cut 2 different ways but I still thought it was funny you said “I don’t think it’s correct to cut cards for the sake of cutting cards.” immediately followed by “I’m going to cut this Lotus Bloom”

  11. You should have cast Armageddon in match 2 game 3 when you drew it.

    You could have subsequently drawn Swords to Plowshares to kill the Myr Battlesphere, then Hermit to block his tokens, and durdled around a bit more to mill him.

    Still a very small chance of winning, but loose and tilted behavior to not go for it.