Limited Resources: May 2014 MTGO Cube Draft #3

“Cubum autem in duos cubos, aut delectus in duos delectus, et generaliter nullam in infinitum ultra Marescalli delectum potestatem in duos eiusdem nominis fas est dividere cuius rei demonstrationem mirabilem sane detexi. Hanc marginis exiguitas non caperet.” — Pierre de Fermat

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  1. Love the content as always. Not that I think it’s super important, but at that point in the draft it didn’t look superlikely Delver would be playable, yet you instantly picked it over the (mediocre) agressive Vengevine. With a few Elves you might have ended up running it, so I thought I’d mention it ;P

  2. I used to love watching Marshall stream but I’ve been really annoyed lately at how many snap decisions he makes without much consideration. After losing R2G2 against his opponent he should have looked for more options in his sideboard that deal with a fast low-curve deck – Call of the Herd would have been an excellent replacement for one of his clunkier more expensive spells like Tradewind Riders (bad against haste) or Meloku (high mana cost).

    Also, I’m really disappointed that even after highlighting how much synergy Awakening Zone has with BOTH of his first two picks, he chooses the Venser. Awakening Zone could also have been splashed much more easily which might have kept him more open to taking the ridiculous red cards that got shipped to him.

  3. “We’re still open. We can go any color we want here…” Marshall said, before going Blue Green for the 500th time on video.

  4. Disappointed that this is a cube draft and not a Theros block draft. Then to top it off, another blue/green deck? I guess I can skip this one.

  5. Love the cube drafts, rock on the UG, best and most interesting color combo IMO. Can’t get enough of these.

  6. Venser is fine, but after sword and clamp picks one and two, Awakening Zone has to be one of the best cards you could hope for pick three…

    I challenge you to record and post a cube draft in which you don’t pick a blue card next time the cube is available!

  7. I would have rather seen a Journey/Born/Theros draft since it’s still fairly new and I think it’s an interesting format. Thanks for the content though.

    I agree with SpinningDemon on the sideboarding in the second match though – Call of the Herd seemed like a pretty obvious sideboard option over Meloku or Tradewind Rider.

  8. Its ironic that you quote fermat, since playing cube with its horrible EV by definition mean you don’t know math.

  9. What’s even more ironic is your continuous crusade to make financial considerations the main point about a fantasy card game. You do know that you can make more money working for McDonald’s then playing in MTGO queues, regardless of payout? If you really have to make money on playing Magic maybe you should consider another hobby? May I suggest underwater basket weaving or quilt knitting?

  10. Its not about making money, its about not getting charged ridicoulus amounts for playing with digital cards. next time you go the amusement park, pay 20 bucks for a single 5 min ride. Also open your mouth and say “full tank please”. while youre at it.

  11. Yes, zone plus clamp is good, but venser is just a better card and also great with equipment. The pick I hated was kiora over blade splicer. Much better card, MUCH better with equipment. And when you do have some equipment I think the UW caw blade type deck is the best archetype to be in.

  12. Really enjoyed the draft i got to watch for free, whilst under no obligation to watch. I was indifferent to what client he used or what colours he was in. I would have made some different picks, but i am not Marshall and also am not paying for or playing the draft.

    I really enjoy the other draft videos he does on other sites where he happens to use the original client and draft block Theros.

  13. I would like to add my voice to some of the others who would like to see more Theros block drafts. I know it’s not the best set ever and it’s a bit dull, but I watch these videos and various streamers to learn about the limited environment since I can’t afford to draft frequently. I feel like doing so helps me to play more competitively with less actual drafting experience in the set.

    Unfortunately, we’ve been getting a lot of cube drafts from you throughout the block. Cube is fun to watch a few times, but just like anything it gets dull. As other people have said, it’s a free video and you are welcome to do what you want. However, I for one have had all the cubism I need for a while.

    As to the colors, draft what’s there. You’re the pro and I’ve seen you win far more than I’ve seen you lose. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’. Again, I watch these videos to learn how to win. If certain color combos are frequently stronger in a given format then I would like to know it and see how to play it.

  14. I would just like to add that “Even more ironic” has not responded to my post and have therefore lost the discussion. It looks like i dominated him utterly.

  15. Or it looks like you obsessively checked to see if someone responded to your posts for a couple days. Looks like they didn’t care enough about you to ;)

    Excellent drafts as always marshall. Keep the cube coming

  16. Sucks about match2 man. You were favored by a lot I think, just bricked on the cards you needed.

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