Limited Resources: Modern Masters Draft #3

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  1. In Match 1 Game 2, when he taps out for the Test of Faith/Otherworldly Journey on the Clique, could you have Riftsweepered the Clique since it was Exiled? Would have made the ensuing turns a little easier. :)

  2. Have you played with (or against) Meloku before?

    Because it is quite painful to see “play Meloku, skip land-drop, go”. Just make one token and replay the land, it costs virtually nothing…

    @Joshua: yeah doing that would be pretty bonkers ;) (and I nearly yelled at my screen that Marshal should do it, but he didn’t :( )

    (But nice video in general, despite I think DGR is somehow easier to watch, in MM (just like in Cube), I’m thinking the hole time: “Why didn’t he pick/did that thing?” – there just too many possibilities.)

  3. Yeah, I think Marshall thinks Riftsweeper is just a Grizzly Bear. You could have used it multiple times to get your Glacial Ray back from Tidehollow, or as Joshua says, to get rid of the Clique coming back in from exile.

  4. @ Derelict
    You don’t want to take it from Tidehollow because Riftsweeper shuffles it back into your library, and once the Tidehollow leaves the card is sent back to your hand. Tidehollow only temporarily removes a card, but Riftsweeper permanently removes your chance of ever getting it back – and your odds of redrawing it specifically if that is the one card you need are very low, and it will replace a draw of a different card.

  5. just wanted to say that match 2 game 2 was absolutely thrilling. Super sweet win.

  6. Hey Marshall, enjoyable videos as always!

    Match 1, Game 1: You didn’t have many juicy targets for your suspended / now resolving Riftwing Cloudskate. Why not bounce your own Eternal Witness (and then retrieve and hardcast the Gargadon in your yard) or bounce your Mulldrifter and recast it for more cards? Both seem like more upside than just delaying a Rathi Trapper for a bit.

    Match 1, Game 2: I was doing my best to shout out the Riftsweeper play during your second main phase to shuffle his Exiled Vendillion Clique with Otherworldly Journey, but I guess you didn’t hear me. :(

  7. Stopped watching when you said greater gargadon was good. Not even kidding this time.

  8. That was an interesting draft. Some great pickups by waiting to commit until you could see what was open. I do feel like you may undervalue off color vivids in a deck like this though. There was a couple of times when there was an off color vivid and not much else and you didn’t even mention the vivid. And taking that sylvan bounty over the vivid marsh when you were really high on payables as it was made me cringe. Especially when you ended up cutting the second bounty which could have been a fixer… In a three color deck that is a little slower like yours is any of the vivids should be a fairly high pick. Great draft though, fun to watch! Keep up the good work Marshall!

  9. @wow
    You should have watched the games if you don’t think gargadon is a good card. In the first round it fizzles test of faith multiple times and has the opponent dead on board if they tap out. I’ve sat down against one with Lightning Helix in hand while on a low life total and had only bad options. I would play it every time I’m red.

    Thanks for the video’s too Marshall, there’s so little Modern Masters content around and the set is a lot of fun.

  10. Great plays as always Marshall! Maybe you weren’t on top of your game with riftsweeper, but who can be an expert at playing every card.

    Round 2 last game was a nailbiter – my only question there is why were you not making Thallids and attacking with them and your Goblins as well – I think it might have ended the game 1 turn sooner (but might have taken just as much time also).

    Round 3 – Loved your channeling of LRR in Game 2 – mana was against you, but I think you pulled out every one of their “quotes” and plays – I think we are just dead here and tap tap concede both made me laugh out loud!

  11. @Mister Miester – I think so, I’m not sure if MM will still be on when I do my video for next week yet.

    @Joshua Garratt I think so, yeah ahha. I (somewhat obviously) have never actually played with Riftsweeper, nor even seen it, before Modern Masters, and I’m still figuring out the other uses for it.

    @Christian No, I think I even said it on the video. I have played with it in cube once, maybe, but I was’t playing when it was legal or around in draft or Standard.

    @Derilict I don’t think it’s a grizzly bear(s), but I also haven’t played it enough to know the many uses for it. Also I disagree pretty strongly with your assertion that I should use it to “get back” my Glacial Rays from Sculler.. You realize that they get shuffled back into my library right? That’s a much worse chance of getting it back than just having Sculler die eventually, and it doesn’t rob a draw step either. I think maybe I’m better off thinking of it as a bear perhaps ;)

    @Beleqwya Yes what you said. :)

    @Leo Thanks, that was a really fun one :)

    @George Yeah you are probably right about the Cloudskate play, I hate tempoing myself out, but for the card advantage it would be worth it. The Riftsweeper play: you just weren’t loud enough ;)

    @Dragon7284 Yeah I think the vividx are fine, but purely off-color vivids don’t excite me much.

    @Jayson I agree with what you said (and what I said) about Gargadon, it’s sweet!

    @Frizzell66 Thanks for the feedback and for watching, I certainly had fun with a little tap tap concede there :)

    @Alex Thanks, I drafted another yesterday… it was sweet (had Gifts, Loam, Wurm Harvest, etc :)

  12. Really minor thing, but in Match 1 Game 1, when your opponent offered to trade you his Clique for your Mulldrifter, was there any real reason why you didn’t make 2 Saprolings and made Mulldrifter big enough to eat his Clique?

  13. Hey Marshall, didn’t you say in one of your last drafts videos (I think it was a DGM Draft) that you want to do some Standard Videos instead of DGM in the future? What happened to that plan?

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