Limited Resources: New Spring Cube Draft #1

“You have made Marshall your drafter, in that there is nothing to despise. Now you perish through your drafting: so will I bury you with my own hands.” –Zarathustra, from Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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  1. Always make sure you know whats being targeted! You seem to make a few mistakes not taking into account whats being targeted by abilities and the implications of those targets.
    Regardless, loved the deck. In round two, though, he’d have blown you out with the pillage you knew he had in his deck, but the port doesn’t do anything, since you are correct that you just float mana.

  2. R2G3:
    Playing the Pact was pretty risky – he even showed you the Pillage in G2, so his scoop was too early (unless he boarded it out for G3). But even then, scooping without lethal damage on the stack/attack without time concerns is not a good play most of the time.

  3. Why inquisition of kozilek second pick? it’s so strong?
    (i prefer polluted delta to stay open if possible)

  4. Inquisition over Shackles is pretty crazy. Also, in M2G2 when he was tapped out with no cards, you could just gain life with Jitte and reanimate Keldon Champion for the win. No idea what Reanimate is doing in your deck to begin with, though.

  5. I just don’t see any way to justify p1p2. Shackles, polluted delta, and you pick inquisition? whaaaaaat?

  6. Sweet deck. I think if I look to draft this deck I lean even more towards cheap tempo/aggro spells than you are doing though.

    For example, Looter il Kor seems like the perfect card for this deck and I take it over Cryptologist easy. Preordain over Titan I think is pretty easy, too.

    I also love Wake Thrasher and would have played it, probably over Master of Waves.

  7. Hey Marshal, just an observation, in M2 G1 at about 8 minutes in if you trade your zozu for his, you could reanimate image to copy angel then doom blade the angel and be left with angel and zombie and he would be left with a keldon champion.

  8. Pumped to see the cube back, and jacked to see you posting videos.

    But dude, for real, G1M2. The problem is how you tap your lands. Seriously, when casting black spells you ALWAYS tap your lands in this order: white -> black -> red -> blue -> green. At around the 6:43 mark you tapped your lands wrong. Anyone who doesn’t do that order clearly doesn’t know anything about mtg. And I mean literally nothing. Can’t even spell it. mtg.

    /end rant. Actually nevermind, the rant never ends

  9. Please stop butchering classic quotes and improperly attributing the monstrous abominations of prose to classic authors who had very little to do with them.

  10. I’m a classic literature stimulator, and I love the quotes that introduce your draft

  11. The quotes are fine. It might even be fine to mention what classic artworks inspired them, but it is wrong to attribute the quotes, after you mangle them, to the original authors. It may seem nitpicky, but it really is a bad idea to do that.

  12. Forget the haters. I, too, have a sense of humor of find the quotes awesome.

  13. “The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it is difficult to verify their authenticity.” — Abraham Lincoln.

  14. I think you probably want to be more aggressive with using those Jitte counters. For example, I probably would have killed the Hero of Oxid Ridge instead of taking four. You’re essentially gaining four life (as if you had used the counters for life), but you also don’t have to waste your removal spell killing it later.

  15. In your last game your sideboard plan should have been to go big – he had all the fat and no spot kill.

  16. “[ insert disgusting racial slur ] ” – Marshal Sutcliffe, of Limited Resources

    “[ insert terroristic threat against children ] ” – Marshal Sutcliffe, of Limited Resources

    Now Marshal would never say things like that, but I’m sure he would’nt want someone putting them in quotes followed by his name, attributed to him. Especially since he never said such a thing. I hope this helps you see the problem. Keep the quotes, they aren’t bad of themselves, just be a little more thoughtful about how you attribute them.

  17. “I hate fun” — Classic Literature Conservationist
    “I’m confused about what parody is” — Classic Literature Conservationist
    “I was under the impression Nietzsche played Magic until I googled that quote; the disappointment has turned my heart black and withered” — Classic Literature Conservationist

  18. also good lord marshall, a) draft some fixing — you had 30 playables by the end of the draft and were passing fetches/duals left and right, and b) why the heck are you playing reanimate in this deck over bob/spell pierce/almost any other blue/black card in your sideboard.

  19. Dear “like this?”,

    Those are not very good points, especially your point about parody, but you seem to get my point. It is very bad form to misquote another person or author. Journalists are forced to issue retractions when they do it.

    You will notice that parodies always slightly change the name of the work that they parody. There is a good reason for this. Marsh and the gang should be doing the same when they parody Marx or Neitzsche or anyone else.

    On your point about being confused that Neitzsche played magic; We might not be confused today about nature of these quotes, but what if a MTGOacademy archive is one of few remaining artifacts of our civilization in the distant future after several nuclear wars? Can you imagine how confused those future beings would be?

    The point is that these quotes, with blatantly incorrect attributions, are mis-informative. I just think they could be just as much fun, and even more, if a bit of thought about this was given by the creators.

    I hope this response allows your hateful sarcasm to become something productive.

  20. woooooah, i didn’t realize my sarcasm was hateful! you’re right, me poking fun at you was clearly not just amusing but cruel. thanks for pointing out to me what my intentions were, i couldn’t tell before you informed me. (this is also sarcasm — apparently it’s up to you to decide if it’s hateful or not)
    these quotes are mis-informative only to the most disconnected of minds. i’m willing to take the risk of misleading future beings (in a hilarious and awesome manner) in order to keep making jokes, thanks.

  21. LOL @ CLC

    Do you know anything about the standard for being considered parody? If the attribution is not credible, than it is fine. Late Night talk show hosts don’t have to change the names of people when they make jokes involving things they obviously didn’t do. It is not credible that Nietzsche said something about Marshall drafting, so it is legally (and generally considered to be ethically) accepted parody. Attributing it to “Fredrick Nacho” or whatever would be incredibly lame and unnecessary.

  22. Way to keep Braids around, after admitting it was actually helping your opponent rather then helping you.

    You do this a lot.

  23. I don’t know about these commentators defending the quotes as ‘parody’ and claiming to have some advanced knowledge of the legalities and ethics involved. I read a lot and I publish in scientific journals also, and I don’t see any other people doing this kind of misquote. There are some MtG card flavor texts that do something similar by generating fake quotes reminiscent of e.g. the Iliad, but they never attribute fake quotes to real sources e.g. the Theriad. The other commentators could be right about the standards, but it seems wrong to me. I definitely disagree with the practice.

    I’ve been checking out the LR videos and podcasts since about the release of SoM (3 or 4 years). I’ve been a fan and supporter, leading newer players to your material because it’s great for that group. These quotes started bugging me a few weeks ago, and I finally had to say something. I’m proably not the only one that feels that way. I think I’ve made the point to the best of my ability. Best regards Marshall, PlanetWalls, and whoever else my comments may be coming to.

  24. “I read a lot and I publish in scientific journals also, and I don’t see any other people doing this kind of misquote.”

    This mindset seems to be your issue. You are viewing this situation through the lens of academia. The quotes attributed here would never be used in an academic journal or even a paper for school. From the little I glean from this site, I’m pretty sure PlanetWalls is well versed in the rigors and standards of academic writing. Just because you don’t see someone doing something does not mean your viewpoint on the topic is correct or universal. In fact, most artistic endeavors strive for originality, which would mean you never having seen it before. Regardless, in the artistic world, theft, blurring, and/or parody are all more than acceptable. One of my teachers once told me: “good writers borrow; great writers steal.” I have found this notion to be correct in my study of literature. These videos and this website is not coming out of CERN and looking for a Nobel prize. They are here to instruct and to entertain. The quotes do a pretty good job at the second part.

  25. Thanks for the (usually constructive) feedback guys, they are always appreciated.

    I love drafting that type of deck, the only thing I regret about the draft is not playing Tradewind Rider, as I have since had a life-changing epiphany about that card.

    About the quotes: I don’t write them, but I think they are awesome and hilarious.

    - Marshall

  26. R2G1, instead of making him sac hero, gain 2 life from jitte and reanimate keldon champion and hit for 8 dmg.