Limited Resources: Return to Ravnica Sealed DE #2

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  1. Marshall great games, i laughed at your opening hand M3G1 i found it very amusing. Congrats on becoming the writer for the limited section on Magic!!!

  2. Hey marshall thanks for the videos again.
    In the future however can you please explore other deck possibilties too.
    You have 11 minutes left, and the rakdos deck seemed equally sick, with a good curve and 3 premium removal spells.
    Also the tradeoff would have been a mythic bomb vs a mythic bomb.

    If you go for the learning experience, then I really recommend you do the latter, because it generally tends to be good habit to explore deck possibilties instead of directly going for 1 archetype which seems to be the best at first glance.

    Oh and something not related to this video, planetwall said the 100 singleton tournament is going to be tomorrow, however I couldnt find any informatiion yet on when it starts and how to participate.

  3. nm, I found it hidden away in the calendar :)
    So just to make this clear, signing up for participation is enough now by just joining the vivatcentrum channel beforehand?

  4. Might actually want to play 9/9 land split if you keep insisting that you’re not drawing the right lands

  5. You didn’t even notice your own ultimate price in your pool… you tend to get so blinded by blue cards you leave out every other possibility; splashing for augur spree + ultimate price was a winner.

  6. Thanks for another set of great limited videos.

    A minor point, only because I just watched it… when you cast Mizzium Mortars in the final game you did it before playing your land. Your opponent had open a blue and one mana… Had he cast Syncopate for one that would have been pretty sick.

  7. Not playing around syncopate round 4 was pretty painful to watch. A lot of people make it their default habit to play their lands after combat and/or spells. This is wrong. Unless you’re playing a draw spell playing your lands first is almost always correct. It represents more bluffs and plays around counters like Syncopate and Mana Leak better. Good habit to get into.

    I think 9/9 would have been the better mana split.

    @knx, I disagree. He was already stretching his mana for desperately needed creatures. To stretch it even more for redundant removal spells seems wrong. It would’ve been foolish to cut creatures and cutting two high quality non-creature spells for high quality non-creature spells that are harder to cast just makes the deck less consistent.

  8. WHAT IF you cut batterhorn and inspiration for traitorous instinct and blustersquall number 2?

    That helps your stealers of secrets get in more often, and if you can survive to the late gate nivmmizzet will take over anyway therefore inspiration is not needed as much.

  9. These videos taught me that there’s a high correlation between drawing Mizzium Mortars and winning.

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