Limited Resources: RTR Draft #4

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  1. Wow, that was one of the sickest deck I’ve ever seen. I wonder what your opponent was thinking in G3R1 when you went 4 rare in a row after a gate creeper vine…

  2. wow…
    If all RTR drafts would be so tightly packed with goodies it would actually be a fantastic draft format.
    Any case, picking a 7th pick deadbridge goliath is just….
    2 detention spheres, 3rd pick smiter.

    Ya sweet deck.

    Game during sideboarding you say “i think his deck looks better than ours”.
    1 minute later your hand looks:
    Goliath, Rock, Smiter, sel charm, centaurs healer.
    Pretty unreal draft ^_^

  3. M1G2 You asked why he blocked the roc with a bird token. The bird token is dead to the roc’s ability on your next turn.

  4. The real lesson, here:

    If you PASS sick rares halfway around the table in order to force something else, chances you’re going to be beat by the person who picked them up is very high.

    Heh. Fun stuff.

  5. Yes, it’s like no one else was drafting green… I could say that never happens to me but I’m must believe my day will come :p

    PS : i joined the clan last month but I wonder why, is there any benefit in doing so ? The only thing i notice is another chat window where people ask something without getting answered…

  6. @iugr: Then you missed a pretty cool deck with some really cool matches.

    And once again no arguments as to why they stopped watching :P

  7. the one scenario I can think of is that opponent 1 was the only other green drafter and he picked Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage over Deadbridge Troll.

  8. I literally stopped watching before the the introduction.
    – Oh, it’s loaded?
    Now, I’m going to continue watching.
    Just so you know, so far I’ve learned nothing.

  9. Very fun draft to watch, I kind of wish that you got some more even matches so the deck could have a chance to really stretch it’s legs…But maybe it was just that good! Considering what you were passed though, I would expect stronger decks in opposition. Thanks and see you next time.

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