Limited Resources RTR Draft #5

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  1. Ugly deck. Haven’t watched the games yet but I don’t expect big things. It looks like you were sandwiched between A Selsnyia player and a Rakdos player and got cut from the tricks and removal you needed to make your deck work. I hate to say you just got unlucky but given your first two picks I don’t think I could’ve saved the draft but you’ve got to imagine there was a better deck out there for you.

    I would’ve snap picked Blustersquall out that first pack. Its a fun card to draft around and is good in both Izzet and Azourious plus you pass a good signal in Healer.

    I find that if you pick up Treasured Find early enough you can usually make it good with Grisly Savages and good instants/sorceries.

    Lastly, I think you underrate the 4 mana shade. Your deck both needed a finisher and flood protection so he’s at least worth consideration. Its probably better than the Kordoza Moniter or the Rhino or any number of your other marginal playables.

  2. Hey Marshall thanks for the video’s.

    One pointer I want to give you p2p1, if there are so many choices I recommend you count the amount of picks other people would make.

    That pack contained 7 first pick cards, a guildgate of Azorius (which only had the AZ guildmage), and 4 cards that are justifiable 3-6th picks.
    More importantly however, it had 3 black removal spells.
    The odds of there being 3 other black drafters are slim, and most rakdos players probably would pick auger spree over price/stab wound.

    I would personally have picked the guildmage, in the hopes of tabling one of the 3 black removal spells.

  3. Hey, nice draft (unlike Dave C above me I think the deck was very decent though nothing crazy), and very intresting matches.

    I don’t think Iv’e seen games with this level of complexity for some time now. I do have a couple of things to say and one question.

    Things to say:
    1) there was a turn in M2G1 where your opponent was all but tapped out (he had one Izzet guildgate up), and was on 2 life after you beat him with your 9/10 rhino. At that point you could have just killed him by using launch party, sacrificing your rhino to kill him and his creature (nothing in this format that costs R or U could save him)

    2) M3G3, you decided to scavange 3 +1/+1 counters on your Korzoda Monitor instead of playing rhino and next turn start scavenging on the 3/4 hexproof guy. Maybe against some decks what you did was correct but I believe that against Azorious, a guild that has access to bounce effects, arrest and other various ways of getting rid of big creatures, the more correct play would have been to choose patience and create an unstopable hexproof beater.
    Later in that match you made what I think is a pretty bad attack with a 6/7 rhino, only trading with the opponent’s 3/4 flying dragon – a bad trade, I think, and one you shouldn’t have made.

    Now for the question:
    during the 3 matches there were numerous occasions when you untapped with 6 mana and could choose to play the 3/3 flying locust or the 3/4 hexproof rhino. Every single time you went for the locust, saying that you want to use your mana. However in all of these occasions a good blocker seemed more important than a godd attacker (for example when you were worried about a dynacharged army of goblins, against which the 3/4 rhino is very resilient, you still chose the 3/3 flier that would surely trade down if the opponent suddenly attacks with all of his creatures).
    Can I ask for a more in depth explenation of the reason behind this play? it seems exactly like the sort of thing that would be obvious to a pro such as yourself but not for a novice like me.

    Again, thanks for the excelent content and your dedication to the community!

  4. @Carrot, Dispel costs 1 Blue and counters Launch Party. And if he has it, Marshall most likely loses that game. He could also have had Mizzium Skin (though obviously that’s much less likely).

  5. Andy,

    true, both didn’t occur to me… maybe because neither of them were ever played in a game I took part in. IRRC, opponent had a vert small hand (1 card? maybe 2?) so I think playing around something as fringe as dispel or mizzium skin is a mistake… I can certainly see your point though. Personally I would still launch party right away but I guess choosing not to is also O.K.

  6. Thinking that p1p4 Annihilating Fire should have been a signal to completely change your plan and pick it up and go Rakdos or potentially Izzet.

    It seemed like the next few picks would have rewarded you heavily for doing so. Not to mention the extremely late Spawn of Rix Madi in the late pack 1 picks.

    Thoughts on making drastic jumps when your first few picks aren’t really that impressive (like centaur healer in my opinion is)?

  7. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned above that I am confused about is in M3G3 when he was calling for the guildmage to win the game, got it, cast it, and then didn’t pump+intimidate any of his guys and only attacked with 2 guys. Why leave the drudge beetle back at all? It just looked to me like that was the match right there.

    Thanks for the videos. Your deck took some weird turns during drafting but you managed to fight through and take home the 8 packs.

  8. Your match 1 opponent made himself look stupid, and then you won and made him look even worse. Some people lose all sense of decency and respect the second they go online.

    Good matches – well piloted. Thanks for the free content!

  9. As usual, people complaining about picks before even seeing the deck in action (and winning at that :D).
    Your opponents in R1 and R3 seemed kind of douchy though :\ Good to see you’re not giving in and satisfying them with a reply.

    All in all a very good set of videos :D Of course not everything was perfect, but you picked most of it up afterwards, and watching people play perfect all the time would go stale rather fast. I love these videos where both the player and the viewer can learn!

  10. I have some comments but I’m not going to write them down anymore; I can’t remember the last time you cared to reply to ANY comment… I guess you must feel it’s beneath you (what else can it be eh ?). Not the behaviour we expect from someone saying they’re here to learn us something…

  11. Hey Marshall,

    Thx for a cool set of video’s! Weird draft and some really tense matches. Fun to watch!

    Would appreciate a reply to some of the good comments people left behind here!

  12. Hmm! I think Marshall has better things to do than to reply to a bunch of comments here, especially the snarky ones. Notice he didn’t reply to them in the videos either (the snarky comments after the games, that is).

    I think people can throw out questions in the comments sections but shouldn’t be holding their breaths for Marshall to reply. I bet he has played dozens (if not hundreds) of games since this one was played and posted, so he would probably have to go back and watch the videos again himself just to reply intelligently.

    How about we just answer the questions amongst ourselves, but I know that I never come back to check these comments again after I have finished watching the videos, so just make yhour comments and don’t worry about responses from anyone.

    Nuff said!

  13. It is a long time since I saw someone drafting Golgari archetype. It only confirms my feelings that this kind of decks are always at the best mediocre. Although play in the last match was far from beeing flawless it was very interesting to watch nonetheless.

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