Limited Resources: RTR Draft #7

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  1. Hoo boy, Marshall’s going LRR on us! Haven’t even finished watching the draft video all the way through yet, and I’m already excited! :D

  2. The Round 3 vid is our new way of trying to avoid spoiling people on match results (because mimicking the image of ‘Play Round 3 Video’ without a link doesn’t work for some reason and the images don’t line up properly).

  3. Well, that turned into a LoadingReadyRun draft fairly quickly. That was certainly a lot of fun to watch :).

  4. I understand the urge to do silly drafts at the end of a block, but they should be a little better planned out. Can you try the defender deck next time?

  5. I like the solution for the round 3 video, but the graphic could use some work. You pretty much only need to make it once, so if you put like a half-hour into it to make it match the look of the site, I think it’d be worth it.

    Like, make the background the same slate-grey as the site background, put the MTGO Academy logo front and center, and below it, say “Sorry, no Round 3″ in your site’s sanserif font.

  6. Yes those are already better. I was under a bit of a time constraint when making the above; hence, the lack of interesting background. (For my own loss videos, I use that vid of the shrimp running on the treadmill to Yakety Sax, but that didn’t seem appropriate here.)

  7. Thanks for the fun draft, Marshall!

    I was your first-round opponent the other afternoon in an RTR sealed event – Rakdos with a splash of lucky draws (for that round, anyway…). I guess you did end up doing a different recording ;)

    Imagine my disappointment when I noticed you’d had connection issues, resulting in no submitted deck! Here’s hoping we get a real match in sometime!

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